Here in Sober Julie Ville it was a Provincial holiday yesterday….long weekend!!! Yippeeee!!
This means that the girls and hubby are home for the day and we have no time constraints….whoopee right??
Visions of sleeping in, cuddles and a lazy day filled my head.Apparently the girls didn’t agree. Imagine, 5 and 7 years old and they don’t want to just laze around and ignore the world together??OK so I admit I was reaching with that wish but let’s see what we can do…first off lots of cuddles in bed…..which quickly turned to bickering between the delicate princesses so up we get.

Hubby arrives home right at this moment which is SWEET because he can work that impossible coffee maker.

OK decent, coffee poured and the girls are eating…..and the page is blank for the day….and it’s still only 7:50am. Why are we up at 7:50am on a holiday for the love of Pete……grrr.


So I went and checked my Facebook briefly and was struck by all of the fantastic Family Day activities my friends are doing. Fantastic if I were an active person right now or loved the winter. This girl hates the cold with a passion, no WAY are we going outdoor skating or sledding. So what then?

Of course….pedicure morning!!
The girls totally bought into this, soak feet in the tub, a massage (which then initiates the giggles, squirming and much splashing) a trim and some lovely fire engine red polish to top it off!
Disclaimer: Hubby was a willing participant, however our youngest informed us it’s against the law for boys to wear nail polish because they are allergic.
Her sister proceeded to tell her exactly why she is wrong, basically outlining freedom of choice in a 7 year old condescending manner and a yelling match ensued.
Hubby decided not to get the paint on the toenails.

Next we had lunch and then I realized there’s a whole afternoon of FUN to be had……but what’s the fun?
BAKING of course, in our house we love to bake. The fact that we never manage to finish all of our spoils before they ummm spoil doesn’t seem to bother anyone here. Usually I do most of the measuring, mixing etc and the kids do the licking and sprinkling.
This time I set up Sydney to do it completely on her own which was awesome but I’m reluctant to share her creations with others….let’s just say there was a finger, a nose and lots of hand washing involved.She did a great job, I am counting on her not knowing about the “from scratch” recipe cards for a while yet, let’s face it Duncan Heinz just does a better job more often than not.
 p1020092Now it was time for Little Chelsea to observe/irritate her sister with the pleading and begging to hurry up so she could lick the spoon.

So after a wonderful effort by Sydney, spoons being licked I popped the cupcakes in the oven, whipped up some frosting and Hubby occupied the girls while the cupcakes cooled.
Next they were onto decorating and suddenly these opposing parties became a team…..WOW it’s amazing how well they work together when they’re trying.  The compliments were flying to one another, lots of giggles, hey look at this….just a different tone of pride in their voices.

While our little family didn’t go outside, endured bickering, fighting, tears, frustration we did laugh, support each other, get creative, dance and in general have a BLAST on our Family Day and made some memories.

Hope you did too. And I hope you wash your hands often too!

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  1. Hi again Ron, hope your week is running smoothly ;)Mary I just used a function in Corel Paint Shop Pro but I'm going to download that app you're using lol.Thanks Kristin!!

  2. Yum, yum, yum! what an awesome day, I think I will borrow the "pedicure" idea as my hubby has a guys weekend up north this coming fri – sun so it's just the kiddies and me. Yep, I haven't slept in in 16 years. Our oldest can sleep til noon but Grace and Sam think sleeping past 7 am is wasting the day—I need to check their DNA :) Glad you had a great family day. I wouldn't have gone outside either…..

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