This morning my husband gave me a gift, he took the girls out to an event at his work and gave me a morning alone!!
So many opportunities began running through my mind, shopping, getting a pedicure, going to my AA meeting with no time constraints….but all of those would mean that I would have to get up and become presentable which felt like an effort this morning…
Of course they all ran late getting out the house, bickering and stressing while getting ready to go.
But go they did.
I stayed in my PJ’s, got a cup of coffee, my laptop and plonked my bum into the Sleekcliner and began reading blogs. I had time to catch up on blogs I’ve missed which I enjoyed.
Our dog went upstairs to the front living room window and sat watch, she didn’t move…..she just whimpered every now and again as if to say “Where are they”.
So after a bit of blog reading I was feeling tired and decided to nap, this is a strange feeling for me as I lay there. The house was TOO quiet. I nap or relax often these days, due to pain or exhaustion but never with silence. I soon realized I wasn’t going to nap so what next?
I picked up Rumi’s poetry and enjoyed some time lost in it, then did some other short daily reading…totally relaxing….Easy Does It was in full effect.
Lately I have been contemplating Spiritual healing, not like let’s find your past lives or give me your bank account information and I’ll cure you over the phone.
I’m thinking of how many of us lose our true selves because we get in our own way.
Last night I had a group of ladies over to our home to introduce them to Heaven Scent Natural Products which is a line a friend of mine has created. We enjoyed great conversation, coffee, tea and YUMMY sweets from a local bakery. I snapped a pic of the Cheesecake thingies which I adored!!
I really enjoyed this gathering of women and it spurred me to reflect on how lost I had been in the past, there wouldn’t have been less than 10 bottles of wine purchased for a gathering such as this and the focus of the evening wouldn’t have been the same.
Somehow the “things” in life would come into conversations more, trips, upgrades we were wanting etc. Last night just didn’t feel like that. We learned about these amazing products, purchased some but also I felt like there were connections we were making with other women.
Sober get togethers ROCK.
 This past year my physical side has been recovering slowly as well as my mental side but the Spiritual side of my recovery has been accelerated. I’ll blog more on this topic another time once I’ve had more time with it.
My main point here is that this topic keeps reappearing for me over the last year now. In ways I cannot ignore it just pops up. I began exploring it about a month ago but haven’t really put much of my time or effort into it.
But as I lay there in my bed, in the silence while my dog kept watch on the house I felt God with me, assuring me that I was on the right path. I was questioning in my mind if I was going in the right direction, where God wanted me to focus my path and His answer came to me as a certainty, YES I am.
Because I don’t have much energy these days it’s important for me to give the time I can in the right direction. Everything takes me alot of time and I often have to repeat my efforts.
So I began developing this Project of mine in my mind. Let’s call it my Brain Child because I’ve always wanted to have a Brain Child….it makes a person sound brilliant somehow.
And then I spent some time with God in prayer.
The hubby and the children arrived home. They had a great day too, filled with clowns, balloons, lots of giggles and CANDY which means it wasn’t going to be a quiet afternoon.
IMG 0078+2
IMG 0076

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8 Responses

  1. What a wonderful day for you. And by the pictures it looks like the kids had a terrific time too. Adorable kids. I checked out Heaven Scent Natural Products and have bookmarked the page so I can check out the things that are on there for sale. I love natural products..

  2. What a wonderful post! So glad you got some quiet down, we all need that from time to time. Cant wait to hear more about what has been going on with you. Wishing you a wonderful ending to your weekend as well :)

  3. Thanks ladies, the face painting clow was really talented, I love the photos. I'm glad you're checking out the products, I'll give a real review in a week or so on the Aches and Pain product ;)Good to hear from my Sober Mommy friend ;)

  4. What a lovely gift to receive from your hubby. Time alone can be so rejuvenating. Looking forward to reading more about your spiritual side of recovery and your brain child.

  5. Great pics of the girls, and isn't it great to have the house to yourself?! Like finding a hundred dollar bill, but how do you spend it. Glad your party went well. Yes, sober get together's rock, and the nice part is being able to remember everything the next day! Keep writing about your spiritual journey, I find it inspiring….

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