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Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Speaker & Writer

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Julie is a Professional Life Coach and Recovery Coach who brings the education, experience and passion to support you!

Known since 2010 on social media as SoberJulie and as the founder of the popular blog Life Straight UP!, Julie is one of the early sober influencers. Julie is known for her no-nonsense, straight-up style of connecting with people to help them see the possibilities that a life in recovery offers.

Julie strives to break the stigma of addiction and show that anything is possible! By sharing her own challenges, travels, family and love of life she spreads the idea that we can live a truly happy life without numbing out.

As a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach, Julie supports people to break free of destructive patterns to achieve their true potential. Julie guides clients using problem-solving strategies and empowerment, challenging them to live the life they truly desire. Julie believes we all have the answers and power to change within ourselves.

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Julie Elsdon-Height CPC, CPRC, SRCD

Supporting You

Not only does Julie offer individual life & recovery coaching, but she also provides affordable, accessible therapeutic support via social work interventions such as:

The Approach

Every individual is perfect, exactly as they are, in this moment

Wellbeing = The balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit

All people & things are interconnected

The wellness of one is the wellness of all

Julie believes in a wise practice approach to helping others achieve balance in their lives through braiding mainstream practice through the holistic Indigenous lens. Julie holds that we are created perfectly as we are today and can step into that belief with support.

By helping people to see the interconnectedness of their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of self and the world around them, individuals can identify causes of disruption in the context of their lived experience. With this, they can address and resolve these issues interfering with living their best life.

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