Julie presents her journey with raw honesty in a humorous manner appropriate to her audience.  With her direct approach, she doesn’t sugar coat anything. Julie has an easy going personality and challenges her audiences to reflect on their own journeys. Julie doesn’t simply talk, she connects! 

Custom presentations are one of the Julie’s strengths. She will work with you before the event getting to know the theme, the goal, and all the details of your event, so that she can put together a spectacular presentation exactly fitting your specific needs!
With over 15 years’ experience presenting to all levels in business Julie is comfortable in front of any crowd. With a varied audience to date, from teens to addicts to parents to Christian groups to corporate execs, Julie has presented the following talks:

Digitally connecting

We are in the age of marketing where brands can connect with their customers rapidly. Julie explores the ever-changing landscape of social media and brings examples of successful digital marketing strategies.

Influencers Know Best

As co-owner of SJ Consulting digital marketing agency, Julie brings years of experience in the area of influencer activations.  In this talk she will explore the value of using online influencers for brand marketing and how using their knowledge can knock campaigns out of the park

Social Media for Social Good

Julie is no stranger to a cause; she is passionate about removing the stigma alcoholism carries and empowering people to change their lives. Julie will bring concrete examples of the power of social media being used for good and relay the steps taken along these projects.  Whether your cause is political, charitable or life-centered, you will benefit from Julie’s lay-it-all-on-the-table approach. There’s no mystery here, it’s merely a question of how far you’re willing to go.

Bring it!

By sharing her experiences, Julie strives to empower teens to make wise, informed choices. By equipping them with the awareness, tools and confidence to fill their personal backpacks in order for them achieve the GREATNESS they are designed for.

Saying it like it is; what nobody tells you about Motherhood!

From chapped nipples, frozen maxi pads, dusty dancing shoes and the never ending feeling of not measuring up; Julie lays it all out for mothers. We are not alone in this maternal struggle!

Well received

In this interactive workshop Julie helps you focus upon finding the confidence to experience this journey to your full potential. By identifying and eliminating the clutter of resentments, insecurities and baggage from the past you will be able to clearly see the possibilities which lie before you. Would you like to see your purpose clearly and receive the gifts this life has to offer?

Scaffold, choosing the right rung when you’ve fallen off your ladder

Through her traumatic car accident and life changes, Julie talks about redefining herself through her loss of identity. This journey isn’t pretty; coping with grief, change of income, chronic pain, memory loss, her inability to parent and times of desperation all lead to a strong message of faith and redefinition.

Kind Words

Julie graciously donated her time to come to the Orangeville Women’s Community Centre not only to speak to a diverse group of women about her life and experiences, but encourage them to live life to their full potential. Through her Well Received presentation she was able to captivate the women and support them in looking at their own lives critically to discover the “baggage” that is holding them back from living full lives.

Julie was an open door and shared her story at a level that was appreciated by our members. Julie was mindful of her audience and knew how far to go with details and stories that may have been perceived as distasteful by some of the older ladies in our group. The OWCC are always looking for speakers who will inform as well as pass on a message that women need to take the time to better their lives.

I highly recommend that you allow Julie to share her story with you and others. She was open, honest and refreshing. She answered questions willingly and was “Well Received” by our diverse group. Allowing Julie and her story into your space and your heart is amazing!

Krista Buchta


Julie came to Pine River Institute to speak to a group of our students who are all struggling with addiction.

She was able to captivate an audience of about 10 students for close to 2 hours. Julie was an open door and shared her story at a level that was appreciated by our students. Some of our students struggle in a typical classroom setting but we saw no signs of attention difficulties as Julie kept the stories moving.

Julie was mindful of her audience and knew how far to go with details and stories that may be triggering to our students. We are always looking for ways for our students to engage in healthy coping skills and Julie introduced many ideas to this group.

We look forward to more workshops with Julie but in the meantime our students have taken the reigns and are teaching each other by being open and honest as Julie was. I highly recommend that you allow Julie into your space to share her story.

Meghan McIntosh

Program Manager, Pine River Institute

Julie is one of these rare and compelling speakers who really connects with and inspires her audience. Able to quickly create a safe place to share and learn about life’s toughest issues, Julie tackles each one with grace and humour. Rather than taking a “talk at you” approach, Julie encourages the audience to contribute and in fact will lead her session in the direction that those listening need it to go. Overall Julie’s session is entertaining, educational, moving and inspirational – the four ingredients for a satisfied and motivated audience, newly equipped with the ability and desire to create positive change!

Felicia Dewar

Founder of BlogWest