4 years Sober & Turning 41 – It’s my Birthday Week! #SoberBday

February is a BIG month for me personally, this week I’ll turn 41 and celebrate being 4 years sober!

4 years sober

I was born on February 9th and I adore Birthday celebrations so it’s been the month to wait for since I was a little girl. Little Julie was known to have a Birthday countdown going from mid-August, happily sharing the daily status until it drove my Mum and Dad batty.

I remember the year I was 8 years old I kept a calendar next to my bed and each night I’d put a red X across the day with the number written in the next day’s box. I don’t remember this happening the next year, something tells me my Mum refused to buy another calendar and who could blame her. Even without the calendar my little heart was doing the countdown.

This is who I am, I love to have something to look forward to and to anticipate. This actually became difficult for me at different stages of my life; as a girl my Dad would have to sit on my bed at night and “talk me down” as he calls it. I’d lay there under my lavender-scented sheets imagining my life in front of me and work myself into such a tizzy that I couldn’t fall asleep. Dad would come in and speak to me in a monotone voice about that single day, about the weather we’d had and mundane things until I fell asleep. He says now he was hoping somehow that by speaking of that day, he could encourage my little brain into the same practice more often.

As a teen I think it’s somewhat normal to be living looking forward to the next exciting thing, in fact I was very good at doing the work it took to get where I wanted to be. Still, I seemed to have a natural inability to live in the moment and truly enjoy the gifts and lessons which were available because I was internally looking into the future.

Living One Day At A Time

As you will see if you read my blog, I’m a slow learner when it comes to my internal thinking. There have been far too many bumps along the road but I can honestly say that today I live one day at a time, taking things as they come and enjoying the beauty around me.

There still is a part of me that looks ahead, I’m still the girl who anticipates my Birthday celebrations. I firmly believe in a week-long Birthday celebration and today is Day 1 of what will be a fun week!

4 years Sober & Turning 41

This week I have my 4 years sober celebration on the 6th and my 41st Birthday on the 9th so YES dammit, I’m celebrating!!!

This week SoberJulie.com will be filled with gorgeous Mocktail recipes, inspiration and joy for the life we’re given.

Today’s recipes are perfect for celebrating, enjoy a Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail and heck, why not a Peanut Butter Brownie while we’re at it; we are celebrating after all!

Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail



Peanut Butter Brownie



Stick with me all week friends, there are many recipes to share and much celebrating to be done.

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  1. Congrats on your 4yrs. sober that is so wonderful.There is always temptation out there but if you keep Jesus in your life you will keep being successful. God Bless

  2. I just came across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it so far! A big congratulations on staying sober for the last 4 years! My uncle has been sober for 11 years now and it’s an accomplishment you can be so proud of! Big virtual high five and wish you the best with the rest of your sober journey that’s amazing!

  3. Congratulations on your sobriety. I had a cousin who died at 42 from alcoholism and a daughter who died at 22 leaving 2 young children behind due to a drunk driver. I choose to live life sober and love it although there will always be bumps in the road whether you drink or not. The one day at a time is okay.

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