Funny this blogging, it takes me huge energy (due to some issues I have from the car accident) and yet everything that happens in a day seems to be blog worthy. For those who are over the age of 30 and have an ounce of humour that is equivalent to sponge worthy ala Elaine of Friends.
Wasn’t Phoebe the best?
My life is crazy right now and yet I find Peace and Joy at each turn. Each time I feel the limitations I suffer since this car accident I have to divert my attention so I don’t become overwhelmed by the pity pot to which I’m susceptible. Not that hard when there is quality TV programming such as the Maury “Who’s your baby Daddy” show on each day. For real these people MUST be paid to be on there. I digress.

Today I’m doing a few odes…..first off on my list is my….

img 0191
Don’t lie or be kind it’s horrific!
This beaut was a garage sale find, shocking as that is….I tried the Pottery Barn alas they just didn’t have the quality of FUG I was seeking. This baby was $20 and worth every penny until I can get an actual recliner which I can sit in. I have issues with my back/neck so to be comfy I need to sit with feet up. With the FUGCLINER I only need 4 pillows including a very sleep neck pillow such as they sell at CAA….yes Paris it’s HAWT. (is she still cool or am I old?)
LOVE the amount of 80’s tacky this puppy brings to our living room, I sit in it listening to my Milli Vanilli tape.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Julie (wicked cool chick, check out her website on my link) who named said luscious piece of furniture.
Next on my list is my….
ANTIQUE JEEP …circa 1997
img 0508
Ok so she looks sexy as can be right here, all 4×4 and snow worthy but under all this Loveliness is rust, bondo and a vehicle that is hell on gas.
I LOVE IT. Seriously.
We bought this in the spring, hubby worked nights with the only vehicle (company vehicle was taken back after the accident when we realized I would be off work for a while).
I am lovin the Jeep but see that white stuff?
Not so much.
I was never EVER scared of winter driving, did all my learning in it so wasn’t an issue. Now since the accident I’m terrified, like sweat covered, shaking, gripping the wheel, breathing deeply scared. Soooo I drive in town only when necessary and hubby takes it to work. I like looking at it ….in a certain light it’s like the Porche SUV I always wanted ;)
The last item I was diggin today is my….
Wait, that’s not mine…note the sleep look and the thin ankle area which would need me to bend to slip on? Nope I don’t qualify. Nor can I wear my heels…..lace ups….well basically my pair speaks for itself:
Just like these:
Sexy has met it’s match in these. Listen folks there’s nothing sexier than me not falling on my rump because I have no balance. They are warm, easy to slip on and my kids can help ;)
Functional is the new black.
Today I am grateful to have celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday (so bloody sweet) to have taken the opportunity to read a Devotion and a Big Book chapter again ….and to try to blog.
With all that my body and emotions are going through my spirit has lifted me. My God and true core belief in my sobriety has helped me soar over my frustration, pain, sorrow to a place where I am feeling blessed.
Oh and to update you all, I chaired the Christmas Gratitude meeting for my Home Group on Saturday and it was AMAZING, I had friends who attended who had never been to a meeting before. Totally wonderful. Another group’s member approached me and asked me to speak!! So I’m going to this month…whoohooo ;)
Hoping within this 24 hours your growth, serenity, courage and wisdom have been granted.
“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10

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  1. Well I'm in Wisconsin so we share the same disease and the same weather!!! Don't feel bad, I have Reynaud's syndrom in my hands and feet so I can spend very little time outdoors, and five years ago my husband went and spent a great deal of money on these Rocky boots for me. Huge, five pounds a piece, the ugliest, and I mean ugliest boots you have ever seen! I'm 5'3 so these boots make me fall over but I have to say my feet are never cold. Love the recliner. My 16 year old just redecorated his room. We call it a "zen den" and it looks like an advertisement for Ikea except for the recliner circa 1980 in the corner. Like Martin's on Frazier. Ugly but hey it was free!!! Love your sense of humor girl! Keep it up, and yes I agree life is so sweet…and just think all this was happening before we were just to blotto to notice! Have an awesome rest of the day….

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