People Places and Things

Well for someone who “gets” it, I know nothing at times. I find I’m over analyzing people, places and things.

My brain seems to still be hardwired to review what I think are people’s opinions of me, to meet other people’s expectations (as I see them)….to want “things” this making sense?

Here’s one: I read something today that said Jesus broke the stereotype of “us” and “them”. I dug this so I decided to google supporting evidence because this is how I’ve always seen Jesus but couldn’t recall scripture. I stumbled across a forum where Christians were discussing the topic.

One person said that Jesus surrounded himself with the sinners, but went on to clarify it was repentant sinners and that although He was around the unrepentant Roman sinners, He didn’t have the same type of relationship with them.

Another person posted that they would spend time with non Christians, that he(the poster) enjoyed the religion discussions and felt he was growing through it. He also said that if these people were smokers or promiscuous or led “fast” lifestyles he wouldn’t hang out with them.

Confusing to me because I just want to be with people. I do see how being around “sinners”/non Christians would challenge me to be stronger and still expose me to behaviors I don’t want to practice potentially…..I don’t doubt my faith, I suppose that is because I’ve tasted Hell and have no desire to return.

What is hard for me to grasp is when people choose to segregate themselves based upon faith. If it’s because a person NEEDS to do this to ensure their spiritual or physical health I get it. But if it’s that they are judging a person’s habits or Christianity I think it’s a waste of an opportunity.

Personally I wouldn’t ever be so arrogant to judge someone’s relationship with Christ based upon behavior nor would I avoid spending time with non Christians as I’m taught to spread the word of Christ. How can we spread the word without being around non Christians?

Wow I do tend to ramble and this blogging takes me forever ha. I’m a grateful Christian but I just can’t fit myself into a box (as I percieve it) so I will get smart and just give it all up to God.

Instead of going in circles here trying to understand why people do what they do I will worry only about my own Purpose. I will give my life to God again (for like the 6th time today) and ask him to relieve me of the worrying I do and to guide my will and my actions.

People Places and things are beyond my control.

I love the path God has put me on thus far and I feel that His purpose for me will be revealed to me in His time.

In the mean time I’m going to begin a new challenge for myself. I will learn 50 new things about Jesus in 50 days. I have no idea when the 50th day is, it’s just a random number but it will do.

Rom. 2: 1-3 (NIV)
You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth. So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?

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4 Responses

  1. I know what you are going through. My whole life I could never put my finger on what bothered me about organized religion.Then through AA it came to me. I hated the hypocracy of so called christians. People looking down their noses at other people. Passing judgement on things they did not have a right to or the proper knowledge of each individual situation. Everyone in AA accepted me, as I accept them. They didn't judge me because my story was different, they took me, and taught me, and let me feel comfortable every time I am with them. I see God at work daily now. He loves all men equal. A book that helped me a lot with this very subject that you might enjoy reading is by Phillip Yancey "What's so Amazing about Grace" and another book that I love is "Blue Like Jazz". Both of these books look at religion unconventionally and that grace and love are two of the greatest gifts we can give. Enjoyed your post today :)

  2. Random Thoughts:Boxes are over-rated in my opinion.I just focus on the "Love your neighbour as yourself" though in my brain I hear it more as "treat others as you would like to be treated". It doesn't matter to me what their faith is or what they do – I may have my opinion of it – but that doesn't mean I'm going avoid them or treat them differently. On days when I need reminder of why you need to treat others as you would have them treat you I switch to the wiccan wording of "what you give you get back thricefold". Not having a lawn I don't need manure let alone a triple batch of it.. To me whether i use the Christian or the Pagan wording .. its the same thing.. Just I like the visual of the pagan wording better – Who wants to hide in a bubble with only those people like them or only with people who are perfect.. BORING.. and perfection is so over-rated, assuming of course there is such a thing. Oh, and quit the worrying cuz, it will just give you forehead lines.. Live, be there for your girls, hubby and parents- that's a pretty awesome reason to be (purpose if you wish) – I'm sure more will come along but that should keep you out of trouble til you figure out the other things….Okay random thoughts over. Let me know what you think of my thoughts even (or esp) if you don't think much of them.. Y

  3. Don't waste time thinking about what you should or shouldn't "do", or who is judging what. You said it yourself… YOU are deciding what others are expecting and you know that isn't fair. Christians take way too much heat about judging others and thinking of themselves as more highly than they should. Most Christ followers are just trying to live a life glorifying God and that looks different from individual to individual. There is no doubt that God judges sin. It's important that Christians encourage and convict each other, in love. That's different than what you referred to though.You will see that the more you get to know Christians, the less this sterotype will ring true. But you WILL meet many broken, faulty, stumbling people….and that's a good thing because if we weren't messy, why would we need Jesus?Look at the 1500 people who call our own church theirs. It would be pretty hard to fit more than a few into the same box. We're all so very different, most with one commonality that unites us.There is so much to loving neighbour as self….and it has nothing to do with "what goes around comes around" or "I scratch their back so I expect something good to come back to me". It's about giving without expecting ANYTHING in return. No reward. Loving people that are hard to love. Giving when it's inconvenient.Being in the world is not being of the world. Don't segregate yourself. You wouldn't be happy in a bubble anyway!!! Love you and love your blog! Great book suggestions! I think I have Yancey's book and want to read Blue Like Jazz too.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments, believe me I read em when I have my quiet time and take them to heart. Ami you said what I mean to do, that's exactly the path I'm going to walk. I have this broken internal need to immediately try to predict how I'm percieved….but that's fading. It is freeing when I don't do it and it gets easier every day.The old me gave to recieve…now I find myself doing it just because. That's totally not me, that's God working in my life.

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