Only 6 days until Jesus’ Birthday!!!!

Each year our 2 precious little girls go to their Grandmother’s for the weekend at this time to celebrate their birthdays. They are both born in December….great planning I know ;) What this meant each year is that hubby and I would run to the liquor store and beer store, call up friends and have great food, drinks and friends with lots of sleeping it off for the weekend. We were always wrecked when they returned.

What were we going to do this year? There were no plans, no invitations….I had avoided thinking about it. Then on a whim I posted on Facebook that hubby and I would be going locally for appetizers on Saturday night if anyone would like to join us.

So Saturday morning while hubby drove the girls to Grammie’s I had the joy of going to the cell phone store for 2 hours while they worked out some “issues”….the upside is the girls didn’t have to endure it. Then I went shopping….People are just bloody RUDE…I digress.

So I did the last of the shopping, got home where hubby met me. We put on the lights, turned on, Christmas music and set up the wrapping station. Imagine that if you preplan wrapping is easier??? I wish I’d taken pics of it, I was in Martha mode….had my scissors and tape in designates spots and Heaven help hubby if he tried to use my tags. So with hubby doing the bending and lifting of boxes we/I wrapped away.

Then I began to get irritable….really BAD. I was snapping and being a total Bitch in my head. WHY? I realized it and took a break, grabbed a coffee and prayed on it. I knew I was tired (from shopping) and in pain (car accident)….I had a huge realization…..every single year since I was 19 I’d had wine while wrapping. I’d never realized I’d done this. How did I not know this?

I was a person who made an event out of a glass of wine….choose the perfect wine at the store, put it on the counter where I can see it and look forward to it, finally get the pretty wine glass of choice (big as a baby’s head) and enjoy!

It was totally a part of Christmas prepping for me. So far the get togethers haven’t bothered me, it has only ever been my personal use of booze that I have missed! In private times.

Soooo I went back to my wrapping station and said in a bit of a scared voice to my hubby “I want a wine REALLY badly right now”.

We have talked about this many times in the past and how we would handle it. He said “you need a drink”…he went and got out my dusty wine bowl, washed it, filled with crushed ice and made me a “drink”. I sipped and felt joy….not so much because of the drink but because I have such an amazing husband. The drink was redbull and sprite by the way :) Dig it but have it so rarely because I want it to be a “special” drink.

The wrapping continued and was good, enjoyable even, amazing to me that we can make new memories to replace old habits ;) Then we met up with friends for appetizers and had a BLAST laughing and chatting.

By the end of the evening I was exhausted and fulfilled with the Christmas season feeling of friends and family.

I’m glad today that I didn’t fly off the handle and start fights with hubby, I didn’t drink and I remembered to Pray for guidance. The TOOLS I’ve been given have really helped.

Oh and for the realization that I want nice glasses forever ;) Cappuccinos and Mocktails are going to be important for me hahaha.

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  1. I get it girl. I loved wine, rich, red bodied and full. Loved the silky feel as it slid down my throat and warmed me from head to toe. Too bad it almost destroyed me. Last night was an annual Christmas party for me. The first Christmas party sober. I drank sprite out of a pretty glass, and had a blast, laughing and of course eating. It was nice to drive home sober, take a warm bath, and watch some TV with my oldest son. Grace and I read some books and I fell asleep remembering the whole night and waking up fresh as a daisy. We are the same. It's hard to think what we used to do, and to get through the snags, and try something new. But it always works out. I loved wine but I love my sobriety oh so much more!!! And yes people are rude, and I'm so glad Christmas shopping is done and we can focus on the birth of the one who truly saved us all! Great post! Hugs…

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