Family Humor & Inappropriate Comments

Lately I haven’t been inspired to write, it nothing horrible but I’m in a quiet state of mind in most areas of life at the moment. It’s not really a blah feeling, I’m not especially down or sad but I am somewhat hibernating in my mind.

I’ve always been like a bear this way, when I foresee something on the horizon which I’ll need my energy for I take the time to store it up and am restful during the process.

Time for a family update!

Ousydr daughters are fabulous as always, I’ve realized I haven’t posted much about them lately….bad Julie. One wee moment comes to mind to share with you all. For a very long time Sydney, our 8-year-old has been asking to watch Twilight, finally this weekend we allowed it. It was hilarious to answer all the questions and to hear her groan when the kissing scenes came on. I believe the actual statement she made was “Gross do they really need to kiss that much!”.

I loved her disgust.

Chelsea our diva 6-year-old asked what a honeymoon is, Hubby told her it was a vacation taken by a couple after they get married to relax….Sydney laughed really hard and said “When I was a kid I thought it meant people went in a boat and ate honey and looked at the moon, isn’t that hilarious Mom?”

Yes, yes Syd it’s hilarious that you think you’re not a kid anymore.


Hubby also had a stellar comment this week, one that sheds light on why partners pray for each other….and provides a blatant example of his warped sense of humor. We were in church when he leaned over to me, touched his jaw line and asked “What’s that on your face?”. Confused I reflexively wiped at my face and whispered “What, where?”. Hubby smiles and with a naughty glint in his eye said “Oh it’s your chin….haven’t seen it in a while, looks good on ya!”


That’s MY man!

Of course I was instantly aghast,  I was in church and couldn’t hit him so I smiled and weighed the situation in my mind. In the ends I’ve chosen to take it as the compliment his wacky mind meant it as and embrace the fact that I may be on my way to a single chin situation.



Does your partner make comments like these, ones you know are meant well but the delivery is utterly horrible?


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7 Responses

  1. Oh my yes, my husband of 25 years wouldn’t understand a Compliment if it tripped him in the doorway to the library… !~! He says the most off the wall stuff I have ever heard a man say and not get smacked for it. Altho his heart is right, his choice of words can be hilarious or profoundly embarrassing.

  2. I would say in our relationship it’s the complete opposite. I say the most off the wall things. “Smack that ass like an apple” for instance…. “Good like toast”… Yea… comments I have great intentions in making, but come off so far fetched. Hahaha.

  3. It’s really heart warming reading these kind of posts about family. Very interesting and you wont get bored. Thank for sharing this! :)

  4. Oh Julie, if you heard some of the things my Hubby says to me you’d be flabbergasted. Thankfully we have developed a relationship of brutal honesty. Saves for a lot of useless, pent up arguments.

    Men have silly ways of complimenting… that’s for sure.

  5. My husband says things like ‘oh you look as good as when I married you’ but since I weigh 15 lbs less, it’s not a compliment. But…I take what I can get. At least he notices.

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