Improving My Health With Vitamins

Motivated Monday

With the beginning of the week, it’s time for me to reflect on my health journey. As you all know I committed to losing weight in January, this is going well and to date I’ve lost 26 pounds!!

I feel great about this weight loss, I’m wearing jeans which haven’t seen daylight in over two years and oh did I mention that I actually have somewhat of a waist now?? Shut the front door yes I do!

Weight LossI recently went shopping for jeans and naturally I grabbed the size 16’s and headed for the change room. These were some really cute jeans but far too big, the sales girl went and got me a size 14 but again TOO BIG!! Yes friends it was a big day, I am now a size 12!

It’s amazing what eating in a healthy manner and getting a bit of exercise can do.

More important than my weight loss has been how I’m feeling. Along with the absence of bloating, I am more comfortable in my clothes and we all know this is a good thing.

Historically I’ve been a person who meals were driven by my taste buds, I didn’t actually pay attention to the amount of vegetables and fruits I ingested nor did I focus upon my over all health. Times have definitely changed and as important as my food choices are my over-all health has become a great concern for me.

With hopes of improving my health I began taking Adult Essentials Gummie Vitamins regularly when I began this journey in January. I’d never, EVER been a person who took vitamins before. I’d tried some but between the chalky consistencies and queasy side-effects I didn’t like them.

Adult Essentials

Adult Essentials vitamins are different, they taste AMAZING… fact they quench my sweet cravings everyday….and I experience no side effects at all. I didn’t immediately feel any effects from taking the vitamins, other than peace of mind, but now that it’s been 3 months I can honestly say I’m amazed. I almost don’t want to type this for fear of suddenly becoming ill, but this is the first winter I can remember not getting a cold.

2 years ago I was in a car accident which has left me living with chronic pain in my back, neck and head.  I live with a daily migraine and last winter it seemed that I had cold after cold and each one attacked my sinuses. I don’t have words to describe the pain I felt when I sneezed in the middle of a bad migraine. No darkened room could ease it and I was ingesting far too may Tylenol Cold & Sinus tablets.

Since taking Adult Essential Gummie Vitamins I’ve been sniffle-free….seriously nothing. Each day I take Multi Vitamin, Omega-3, Vitamin D, B-Complex and Vitamin B-12. You can find out all about these vitamins on their website or Facebook page. Their website is fabulous, you can find info on their specials, guarantees, tips for family health and their blog where owner, Deborah Lowther encourages each of us to focus upon our health.

Can you tell I am in love with this authentic company and their products?

Adult Essentials vitamins are available online through their website or you can purchase them at stores such as Rexall Pharma Plus, Loblaws, Superstore, Fortinos, London Drugs, Sobeys and Metro.

I’m so glad that I’m cold-free because this week I am presenting a session at a blog conference in Edmonton, BlogWest 2012 and it would be a nightmare for me to perform well while in pain.

Thank you to Adult Essentials for keeping me healthy and for being my sponsor for BlogWest 2012!!!!

How has your week been, are you making improvements for your health?


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28 Responses

  1. Wow that much in a few months? That’s great! I haven’t been a size 12 in years, feel proud. I’m not much of vitamin person either. I don’t really like gummies though so I haven’t tried the Adult Essentials yet. I want chocolate vitamins LOL

  2. Congratulations lady!! That’s freakin-fantastic! Super happy for you. I still have some pounds to shed, but with all you ladies posts about exercising and loosing weight I keep being motivated, thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I am also a big fan of Adult Essentials. I’m finally remembering to take my darn multivitamin… and it’s really helping in my daily pep levels. Congrats on the size 12 pants lady!

  4. So glad I found Adult Essentials. They are the only vitamins my hubby will actually take. To be frank, I make sure I take these ones daily too. I didn’t always take my old vitamins

  5. Julie, you look fabulous! I’m so proud of you!!
    I love Adult Essentials too! They taste delightful and have really improved my health.
    Keep up the great work, hun!

  6. Hi Julie, congratulations on having your hard work pay off! You are truly inspirational with everything you do and I appreciate that!
    I hope you have a blast at BlogWest. I’m so excited to be in a blogging world with so many great people and I can’t wait to attend my first conference, whenever that may be!
    Take Care!


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