On this beautiful Thursday I had a fantastic opportunity. I was invited by Laurel Crossley-Byers, the founder of Opti-Mom to be on her TV show!!!!
Yes my friends it’s true, I’m now officially a star!
The show is aired on a local Cable Network, it’s called MomU!
This television show is totally devoted to helping Moms get an education while reconnecting with themselves, how wonderful is that??
You can see clips of the show here at MomU!
Here is my sassified self right before I left:
My friend had agreed to drive me, it was 1.5 from our home and we all now that I’m not ready to face that drive. Off we went and took 2.5 hours to get there thanks to the GPS and arrived in the nick of time, I’m so glad that Laurel is patient!
The good thing about arriving late is that I didn’t have time to get nervous about the show, I was still stuck in the anxiety about arriving at all.
The show was amazing, I loved the professionalism of it all, being told to adjust my posture just so and well let’s just hope the camera man has a chin reducer on his cam.
The topic was over-programmed Moms, my personal message was to reduce your stress and cut out all activities which don’t truly benefit you and your family.
Too often we are running around in the daily grind, taking on too much because we don’t know how to spend time slowly.
If we can find the balance in life we can learn to nourish ourselves, mind, body and soul.
If you’re running around living in tomorrow there’s no chance of growing today.
Thanks to Laurel for having me on the show, it was wicked fun and carries a great message!
Here’s Laurel and I after.
I love this lady, she is truly inspiring.
opti mom


Have a great weekend everyone, we’re off to Muskoka, Ontario to enjoy some cottage country…hope they have internet!

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