When my daughters were born they needed very little, food, clean diapers and lots of cuddles. While this led to sleepless nights and a haggared Mommy I loved each moment. 
As they grew there were milestones which we watched for, the first time they smiled, the first time they rolled over and so on. I can recall reading each chapter of What to Expect in the First Year, a book which was my handbook guide to everything I thought I needed to know.
My copy of the book was well thumbed, post-it notes littered the pages with many excerpts highlighted for quick reference. I’ve linked to the website above, if they’d had that I would never have been off of the computer.
I have written many posts on my experience and views on Motherhood, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one, My Daughters Won’t be Walking Down the Aisle in Diapers – I hope.
This time of year is graduation time, this will be the last kindergarten grad ceremony that we’ll get to attend for our girls…sniff sniff.
Our first one was in June, 2008 with out little Sydney.
It was emotional for us but we were excited for her to attend Grade 1, she really wanted to go to school full-time like the bigger kids.
Last year we attended Chelsea’s JK grad which was super cute….Chels was such a diva, she sat on that stage with the largest smile, waving like the Princess she was and afterwards telling me how happy she was that everyone came to see her graduate. She really thought that every person in that packed gym was there for her.

Last year I loved the ceremony but it was simply another milestone.
This year’s graduation will mark the end of an era for our small family. As Hubby and I sit in the audience watching the little ones sing their songs and play up for the audience it will reflect the turning of the tides.
We will officially have two children who aren’t babies anymore.
As they exert their independance more and more each day a part of me wants to pull them back, to keep them safe within the bubble of toddlerhood.
It’s not possible and it would be selfish of me to stunt their growth but as I let go more and more, there is a type of sadness….nostalgia really.
Thank goodness for video and digital photos which help me to hold on to the memories.
To all of the parents out there who are facing change in the near future, I am with you as you see the joy, feel the love and yet still feel a tinge of tear at the back of your eyes.

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  1. Take a tissue Mom,I remember my Chelsea graduating K too, then I left school one month before it was out with my younger one so she never did graduate K, since they came home to homeschool!Thinking of you xxx

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