Reflections from Blog West 2012


This past week I had the opportunity to attend BlogWest 2012 in Edmonton, this was the first Blog Conference held in Western Canada. It all began when a girl had a dream, Felicia Dewar had attended a conference in Toronto and wanted to bring the experience to her home province for all bloggers to enjoy. With loads of hard work, great support and a few sleepless nights Felicia pulled off a successful conference in a mere 8 weeks!

Over the course of this 3 day event there were information-rich speaker sessions which caused me to pause and reflect. As a blogger I sit and pen my thoughts for the world to see and conferences give me the opportunity to consider my direction. Questions such as “What’s my brand” or “How far am I willing to go to spread my message?” spring to mind to challenge my outlook. Funny that second question was actually stimulated by my own speaking session, titled “Use Your Power for Good, Not Evil“.


Writing can become an insular situation, sitting here behind my laptop clicking away I would hope that I’m mindful of my readers but immersing myself in a room of writers has the benefit of perspective.

Blog West stirred me up, this to me is a successful conference. I gained insights on questions I’d had about technical information, suffice it to say this means I realized that I know very little and will need the help of an expert!

The session I led was a great experience, it ended up being a discussion session (which is exactly what I’d hoped), where the attendees engaged in a lively discussion on using social media to affect change for good. I did have a friend video tape it and hope to share it in the future….but one take-away for myself is that I must be even more clear about my goal with my readers. I think that it’s not necessarily obvious to a new reader that I seek to remove the stigma of alcoholism and to encourage others to make healthy changes in their lives by sharing my story in a transparent manner.

So there it is, I need to refine my blog design a bit….nothing wrong with a new dress every now and again right?

Now onto the fun part, the photos!!!

Fabulous panels!








Reuniting with fab friends!




Dinners with wonderful folks!



Thank you so much to my sponsor Adult Essential Gummies for allowing me to represent your brand while in Edmonton, it was an honor which I’ll never forget!



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  1. I followed along on twitter and was so excited to see a tweet with you mentioned – and there was a lot! Congrats on a great experience, and glad you are back home safe and sound.

    1. It was wonderful Pam, although I will admit that I won’t be travelling alone again anytime soon….I found it too much for me. Next time I’ll link up with another blogger or ensure Hubby can make it.

  2. Great post on BlogWest. I feel behind the times; I’m impressed you have this up already. It was fabulous to meet you IRL; you are more amazing in person than online. I can’t wait to see you at the next conference! :)

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation at BlogWest Julie, and I definitely think that discussion sessions can be invaluable in sparking ideas and thought processes so that we go home and evaluate our blogs and our goals, etc. I can’t wait to write my BlogWest wrap-up post to solidify some of the ideas I had during the conference.

  4. Thank you so much for coming out West Julie! You were one of my favourite speakers and it was great to connect with you throughout.

    Can’t wait to see the new blog design and where your next blog speaking event will be :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing everything with me *like I’m* the only one here ha ha but it was awesome! I’ve never been to a conference so it’s cool to get your insight and see the pics and catch a glimpse of what goes on.

  6. It was so nice to meet you Julie! Thanks for all your insights and advice on blogging and finding my direction, and of course for the outfit photos! Looking forward to staying connected with all of the amazing women I met at BlogWest.

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