Stomach Flu I hate your guts!

We’ve been invaded, with no warning a predator has entered out home. This is every parent’s worst fear, the reason we stock up on bleach and bathroom wipes. We’ve avoided it as a family for over a year and now it’s got us by the throat.

This nasty virus hit us in the worst possible way, it took me down first on Saturday afternoon, rendering me to a state which is as close to death as I hope to be before the big event. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say that I was incapable of uttering a coherent word.

The next target was Brad, it seems it was mere minutes after he was mocking the sounds I make while vomiting that he was bent over in pain….what a crafty, wise virus it is that will strike Mom & Dad before the children. This indeed secured a clear path should it decide to hit the girls over the next few days…..


stomach-flu-winsA form of influenza that results from catching a virus and the inflammation of the stomach and intestines, also known as gastroenteritis, and usually lasting from 1-10 days. Common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lack of energy, and nausea. Unfortunately, the stomach flu often leads to a series of weaker stomach illnesses and diarrhea that can last for another two to three weeks, but vomiting doesn’t always occur during these “aftershocks”.

Even though there are no cures or vaccinations available for this, there are still home remedies. These include clear, carbonated beverages including Sprite, Ginger Ale, and 7-Up. In addition, there are foods that are easy on the stomach such as crackers, chicken noodle soup, white rice, bananas, and turkey. One of the best things that can also treat it is getting lots of sleep.

Today I don’t have motivational words, no wisdom to impart upon you… I’m sleeping and hydrating…..and waiting, hoping the phone WON’T ring with the school notifying me the girls are sick.

How do you combat stomach flu?

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  1. ouch – I hate the stomach flu. I was struck with it TWICE in a 2mths…. the first attack started on Christmas night and stuck around for 72 hours….and the next attack was in the middle of february. Thankfully, only me and my oldest were affected – hubby and YDS managed to avoid contamination.

    Feel better soon

  2. You poor thing. Sorry about all that. I haven’t been sick in awhile and am hoping that I don’t catch anything from visiting your blog. I should be good though, right?
    Yes, lots of sleep is just what you need. Sorry that there’s no one there to nurse you back to good heath.
    Take care and rest up.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. My mom used to give me 2 TBS of Coke and cream cheese toast when I had the tummy bugs. Said the coke’s acidity helped somehow.

  4. Just reading your title made me want to spray my computer with lysol! Everytime I think of the stomach flu I think about our wedding. My husband and I contracted the stomach flu (because I managed a pharmacy) 2 days before our wedding. I walked down the aisle at rehearsal with a bucket in my hand, and I fainted during our first dance due to the dehydration from the day before. We left the reception before the cake arrived and all our friends partied without us.

  5. My stomach is scary strong so if I throw up, the stomach flu is BEYOND bad. But my boys get bouts of it periodically and it is so sad to see how upset they are. :( Hope you feel better soon!

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