Visiting Atlantis Resort Aquaventure in Nassau

While on our 5 day Bahamian cruise recently we stopped for a day in Nassau. There are many excursions to choose from but the one which really stood out for us was Atlantis Resort Auqaventure in Nassau.

With over 20 million gallons of water, 20 swimming areas, 11 pools including three kids pools, thrilling water slides, a mile-long river ride with high intensity rapids and wave surges we knew the kids would be thrilled!

This is our dream excursion in Nassau, there was something for all of us and it was from 9:30am – 5pm so we knew we’d get a full day of exploring and enjoying so it was worth it to us.

Atlantis Resort

Our Day At Atlantis Resort Aquaventure

When we were given the go ahead to disembark the ship, we headed out and grabbed a cab right outside of the port which took us on a short cab ride for a flat rate of $4 each. When it arrived at the Atlantis we were shocked at the sheer size of the resort. It made sense though, this amazing resort houses the largest water park in the Caribbean.

The admissions process is simple, we waited in line and then purchased our passes and received arm bands which would allow us entry to the FREE activities and use of towels while at Atlantis Resort Aquaventure.

Atlantis Resort Aquaventureland Entrance

After a brief orientation and instructions on the map, we headed out to explore the ruins of Atlantis. The first area we entered was The Dig which is a replica of an actual archeological site including a rope bridge which we had to cross.

atlantis resort aquaventure the dig.jpg

We walked though underground passageways which have large viewing windows filled with exotic marine life we hadn’t seen before.

Atlantis Resort Aquaventure the dig underwater.jpg

Each of us had taken time before visiting to mark our our choices of activities. Atlantis Resort Aquaventure is HUGE and we knew that we may not get to enjoy everything, the list helped us plan our route and ensure everyone got to do at least 1 thing they wanted to.

We purchased a medium sized locker for the day at a fee of $10, changed into our swimsuits and grabbed a bite to eat before hitting the water activities. Lunch was cheeseburgers and chips for the kids and wraps for my husband and I. You can predict approximately $8-$10 per person.

Water Activities

The Current

Our first stop was my choice, I may have pulled rank over my husband but the Lazy River was calling my name. I had pictured floating around on the gentle river, seeing the resort and feeling all peaceful like. Well little did I know what I was in for as we jumped onto tandem tubes and set off down this river.

You see we’d made a mistake, we’d chosen The Current instead of the Lazy River.


The Current is also a tube ride, but it’s a mile long river jammed with extreme rapids, escalators and tidal waves!! The Current was AWESOME!! My screams could be heard for miles and my family are still taking the mickey out of me.

Challenger Slide

atlantis resort aquaventure challenger slide.jpg

After recovering from our exciting journey on The Current we headed to Challenger Slide which was my husband’s choice. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to convince any of us to race him down this high-speed waterslide.

It was neat to stand at the bottom and watch people go head to head down the slide, each time they splashed into the pool below our eyes shot to the digital timers located beside each slide to see who was clocked as the winner.


atlantis resort aquaventure splashers

Chelsea’s choice of the day was to spend time at Splashers. Splashers is the ultimate in water park fun for the little ones. Its colourful Mayan theme draws the children in to explore and enjoy so many activities. Chelsea had a great time making friends and playing.

There are three tube slides & a side-by-side slide, cargo nets & rope bridges for climbing, water cannons, fountains and water wheels for endless soaking. With a max. depth of 3 ft., parents need not worry about keeping pool areas off limits.


Chelsea fell in love with Ripples, I think she may be a bit of a romantic at heart as she kept telling me how beautiful the sea horses were.

atlantis resort aquaventure ripples 2

Ripples has a shallow pool with the gorgeous sea horse fountains, mini water slides and is just next door to Splashers which made it close enough for her to run between the two.

atlantis resort aquaventure ripples

Climber’s Rush Rock Climbing

Atlantis Resort Aquventure rock climb

Sydney’s choice of activities was rock climbing at Climber’s Rush. There are 12 different climbing walls to challenge anyone, with different surfaces and difficultly levels.

She was given an instructional lesson and spent an hour climbing different surfaces with her guide encouraging and instructing along the way. They became quite the team, walkers by stopped to hear their banter and people on the Lazy River passing by laughed along with us.

This is an activity with a fee which anyone over the age of 6 can participate in, our girl was very proud of herself afterwards!

Final Thoughts

Our day at Atlantis Resort Aquaventure was thrilling, interesting and left us exhausted. It is a massive facility and there is no way one can see everything in just one day. We hope to return one day and actually stay at the hotel so we can have more time to explore.


  • Plan out your activities before going to ensure you experience as much as possible
  • Get a locker. Having the locker as central base helped us when we split for activities and kept our backpack and clothes safe
  • Wear water shoes. The sidewalks are slippery and we had a fall which needed a bandaid. Thankfully the Lifeguards have them on hand.
  • Rest up! This place is amazing but also very large, come well rested.

To see more of our trip, watch for my upcoming article and check out 1st Time on a Cruise – Planning a Cruise With Carnival and Carnival Fantasy – A Cruise Ship For Everyone .

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  1. This looks amazing Julie. I could see my family there. The hardest part for me is to decide where to go; unless I see it from another perspective of someone who has actually been there with pictures then I feel it’s kind of a guessing game. I love all these pictures; I know my kids would have so much fun and what a great place to get out of the cold winter for Canadians!

  2. I haven’t been to the Bahamas in years! I would love to plan a family vacation there. And my daughter would love all the water activities as well as the Climber’s Rush Rock!

  3. We have senior friends who visited this resort as well. They said it was expensive but a trip of a life time. Everything you needed was there. They obviously have something for every age range which is nice. On my bucket list of places to see for sure

  4. My husband would LOVE the challenger. I am all about this place. I have been trying to squeeze it into our busy schedule for at least 2 years now. Happy to read the review. Now if I can just find the time and the right weather I am so there. It is top of my list. Nothing screams fun like watersides with kids. We are massive fans of that action.

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