Becoming an Adult in Financial Matters #Sandgen

muskoka chairThis week our family is in Muskoka, Ontario which approximately 2.5 hours North of Toronto. I’ve written about this location often, we have a trailer at Muskoka Bible Center and it’s my favorite place to unwind and reconnect with what really matters in life.

This week I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a couple who are in their 80’s and still very much active and vibrant. This couple is living a life I can only hope to have when I reach their age, and so of course I asked them how they had managed to do it. My question may have been a bit forward but seriously folks, don’t you want to end up summering in cottage country and wintering in Florida??

Turns out they were amused by my interest, they warmed quickly to the topic telling me they enjoyed sharing with “young” folks…yes as soon as they referred to me as young, well I think we can all agree they’re wise. Cough.

This couple spent their working years saving every penny, they lived modestly with their future in mind. The Mrs. stayed home and raised the children while the Mr. worked multiple jobs to ensure their security in their later years. They consciously forged ahead, paying off bills and living debt free as much as possible. By the time they retired they had a healthy retirement fund and now are able to enjoy it.

I’d love to be able to sit here and tell you all that I’ve had a true moment of enlightenment in regards to finances, that suddenly I know I’ll be able to resist splurging when something pretty catches my eye. Unfortunately I’m not built that way…..but something funny has been happening and I blame it all on my 40th birthday approaching next February.

It seems to me that there is a way to balance life, to plan for the future while enjoying today. Some folks call it being financially responsible, I call it growth which took me many years to value. Until now I’ve been a spender, only concerned with the bills of today and not putting much consideration into the days ahead down the road as we age.

With my parents aging and my children still being young, I’ve hit the point of realization. I have a responsibility to ensure that my financial future is taken care of without becoming a burden upon anyone. Mature thoughts like these used to have me running from the hills but nowadays much as I’ve resisted it……well adulthood has set in.

Thankfully I am not alone in this, I have a very wise husband whose frugal ways have always balanced my spending habits and we have a FAB financial adviser who is ready and willing to help us plan our life as much as one can.

We still dream of the day when we win the million dollar jackpot and can travel the world….but in the meantime we’re taking steps to build a solid financial solution for our later years.

What about you, are you becoming an adult in financial matters like I am?

I’m a Sandwich Generation Brand Ambassador for Comfort Life. Comfort life is Canada’s trusted resource for retirement living and care.  Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #sandgen hashtag and don’t forget to LIKE Comfort Life on Facebook

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