Death of a Friend….RIP Fugcliner

Greetings fellow bloggers, this is a big day here in Sober Julie’s family. We have to say goodbye to a dear friend. One who wasn’t with us long but provided comfort, friendship, aroma and ahem well eye candy would be pushing it….but yes it’s true the Fugcliner is no more. What is this mysterious Fugcliner you ask?
img 019111
Adieu my friend, it has been a wonderful 6 months with you…the sleepless nights where you comforted me…oh heck let’s get real…see ya!!
And hello there Sleekcliner!!

The Sleekcliner was ordered earlier this week after me ogling it for months online. I was told to expect delivery of this beaut anytime from 10am – 1pm.
Not a bad window of time except for the therapy I had scheduled at 10:20 and picking my daughter up at school at 11am.
So I re booked the therapy and figured there was no way the guys would show up during the 10 minutes it takes me to pickup the little princess right??
 Wrong of course, honestly it couldn’t have been funnier on a TV show, I wrote a note that I’d be back in 5 minutes just in case, stuck it to the front door and was reversing out of the driveway and voila the delivery truck blocked the end of my driveway.
Instant stress and visions of the school secretary calling me to say my little angel is sobbing because I didn’t show up.
My heart was pounding and I just felt trapped (utter overreaction much?)
So I bit the bullet and approached the truck, the driver unwound the window and I quickly explained the predicament I was in. I waited for the curt response of “too bad lady, now or never”
 My expectation was totally wrong, the delivery guys was super friendly and didn’t mind waiting thank goodness!
They brought in the new sexy beast and a new mattress set leaving not a drop of snow in their wake. They were kind and efficient. Hubby soon after arrived and set up the Sleekcliner as I watched.
So this is what a brand spanking new piece of furniture looks like out of the box. WOW….me Gusta ;)
Here I sit in my new throne contemplating the fact that back support is a wonderful thing, the back/butt heat and massage doesn’t suck either. A warm tushy is a happy tushy.

For the last 6 months the Fugcliner supported me in a fashion which allowed me to enjoy time with my family and yet this new feeling of comfort is on a whole ‘nother level (Mad TV skit saying).
I read a friend’s blog today, No More Merlot, where she referenced lowering her expectations and it struck me that I’d lowered mine so low that this comfort took me off guard. This is a new sensation for me and a good one. In the past I’ve been disappointed by people, places and things because my expectations were ridiculously high.
My expectations will continue to be low and I hope to be surprised often. I can only control my own actions and hope to be paying attention enough to appreciate when God’s gifts are presented.
Someone was asking me recently how I felt about being so open to everyone about my alcoholism. Wasn’t I worried about repercussions? People’s opinions?
Yeah I have been concerned at times but honestly my need to share and put it all on the table has outweighed my worry. For me I couldn’t deal with the monster in the closet anymore. For me God has called me to speak openly and often about Alcoholism and AA.
A wonderful friend posted this on my Facebook wall today and I loved it!
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon you,{Julie}, Because He has anointed you; To proclaim good news to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, To proclaim freedom to the captives, to help the blind to see, and to bring deliverance!” Luke 4:18

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  1. That is one sweet piece of luxery girl! I had my daughter in for an appointment with a new Dr. yesterday and they were doing a family medical history and the nurse asked if there was anyone in the family with alcoholism. I said yes, me her mom I'm a recovering alcoholic. The nurse never batted an eye and just moved on. A while ago I asked my 16 yr. old if his friends knew I was a recovering alcoholic and he said, "yea, it's not big deal mom". Alcoholism when I was little was whispered like a dirty secret, now it's on TV, soap operas, movies, books, celebrity rehab, it's out there and I feel comfortable letting anyone know I'm an alcoholic. Great post!

  2. That is some comfy, comforting, spaceage looking chair! I have an ode to my chair on my blog somewhere – it is tattered and torn and my water broke in it with my last child (he's 8. My husband swears he cleaned it afterward ) And I just cannot get rid of it! I do identify with the "lowering of expectations"….nAnd I love the honesty of blog!I'm following you now,BlessingsLisa

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