Any man can fight the battles of just one day

Our family just spent a week at Walt Disney World, arrived back home to the snow, cold and chores of unpacking. We had amazing friends who took care of Miss Coco Bean and our driveway was miraculously clear when we pulled in!!
My brain feels numb today, it did often throughout our trip but it was easy to ignore it because the entire focus was on the children, their happiness and living truly through them.
This trip was well planned for my physical and emotional limitations, we stayed right on the Disney resort at Carribean Beach Resort which was AMAZING. It is a lovely, peaceful resort with lots for the girls to enjoy and also allowed me the ability to go back to the room when necessary.
So we began our trip with the flight, the girls had never been on a plane and it was just hilarious to hear our youngest yell out “when are we blasting off?” when waiting for the take off (she was listening to the music on headphones).

We arrived at our resort and explored the beach, pool and got into our room. What is this? It faced the lake, was larger than expected……hmmm a room upgrade?? YES!! Wow this was amazing to us, had never happened in our travels before and was going to make life even easier because it was right beside the main pool/restaurant area. SCORE!
We were all exhausted from travelling so decided not to go to a theme park that day but to stay and relax at the resort before meeting our friends who happened to be at Disney that day for dinner.
Dinner was so much fun, there was Jesus talk, laughter, current events conversation and tips and tricks for our vacation.
Next we went to Downtown Disney and explored!!
As I am typing this I am realizing how exhausted I am, my brain is in numb mode.
My house is a wreck already and I am running on empty on so many levels.
I think I will blog on this trip over time, there are too many pics to share at once anyway ;)
I’ll just post the main points which I am currently pondering.
1 – pre-planning in life helps but doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly
2 – I’m not perfect but asking for help is easier than I thought. I was in a wheelchair all week and frankly in almost all the pics I am standing. It is like I still won’t accept that I have limitiations right now, I just want to be whole again. I need to deal with this, I’m not asking for help enough and often had to leave the park because I didn’t admit when I was overdoing it.
3 – Experience often jades us. Our kids were there in the most magical place on earth and they didn’t appreciate it by the 3rd day. All they wanted to do was go to the hotel pool. Our expectations were that they would be so excited all week and yet that was unrealistic.
There is more but right now I’m stuck on #2. Here is the only pic I have of me in the wheelchair.
Please don’t get me wrong, it was a joyous time with my husband and children, at times I felt the glow of a child’s excitement within me. I loved staying in a room with all of them, being able to see them sleep.
It’s just that until today I hadn’t thought about this. How angry I am that I don’t look or feel like I did a year ago. I know that my spiritual growth has been amazing but I just wish there was a light at the end of the tunnel to shoot for. Thus far the Dr’s have said time and therapy will work but I’m not seeing any amazing transformations thus far.
So I have to work on acceptance and trusting in God today.
Just for today, any man can fight the battles of just one day.
Oh and I have to share a few of my favorite pics ;)
First is our eldest in the pool
Next is our youngest after a Bibbity Bobbity Boo Princess Makeover
It seems to me that life is an amazing journey and I’m not unique in my anger and fears. But that I must remember to accept what challenges I face and acknowledge how blessed I actually am.

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3 Responses

  1. I can only imagine what you are going through after a car accident. I'm sure you are frustrated. Disney World is a magical place, but like you say, the kids (after awhile) just didn't appreciate the magic. I think sometimes Disney World has so much coming at us that children sometimes have to put the brakes on and do something simple, like swimming in the pool. I used to live in Miami, Florida and made it to Disney World often. Mostly just for me. I loved going to the countries in Epcot. You are still so young and we can't know what we don't know. You'll be fine.

  2. You are feeling the anger and frustration and that is good. When I was drinking I felt nothing. Sometimes I think our greatest growth comes when we feel like we are staying still. It's in the quiet moment that we grow leaps and bounds because we aren't trying to control, or influence, we are just being. "Be still and know I am God". Your trip sound amazing, your girls are so happy, and years from now one of your daughters will look at those pictures and say, 'Remember when you were in the wheelchair?" It will be a memory. Keep on the path you are on and when God is ready you will be doing carwheels! I'm glad you are back :)

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