My name is Julie and I’m dependant on my hair products

It’s time for the most important packing portion of our preparations. The bathroom products packing. To many this is a no-brainer. Simply chuck in some deodorant, makeup bag, toothbrush etc and off you go. For me it’s quite a different experience.
First I must prepare the containers for said items. Plastic bags for items which might leak, Ziploc bags for individual packing and so the list goes. The girls and Hubby’s products are simple actually, as is my makeup and body items. What is a game of strategy, tactic and pre-planning for each worst case scenario: my hair products.
 I admit it….I have awful hair.
I was asked in a previous blog comment to write about how I my hair seems to stay in place and after trying to plan my packing strategy I decided to go ahead with the hair blog. Wow you say, this is certain to be an intriguing blog, I’m on the edge of my chair waiting in anticipation!!
Get over it my blogger friends, I’m going with the vibe ;)
I never did have a good relationship with my hair. As a baby I was bald on top with blonde ringlets down my back, like the Friar Tuck look crossed with Goldilocks. Alas it all fell out and I was blessed with mousey brown hair which was neither curly nor straight. I like to refer to it as challenged.
I am in the left of the photos, my amazing sister on the right.
Over the years I admired the beautiful chestnut curly locks of my sister, and attempted valiantly to seek a style which suited my challenged fro.
By High School I had a bit of a grasp on it, mouse, diffuser, the brick wall of hairspray on the bangs and viola! The Gina hairdo works for me. The 80’s were kind to me with the love of big hair, teasing also did wonders for my frizzies.
I am on the left here again.
Then by 15 I noticed my first white hair. What the HECK is this? Ok so my father has been white like the Man from Glad since I was born but really? Me? My sister was also experiencing this phenomina. So of course we head out to the hairdresser and get a “gentle wash” to cover the white. This continued for years until at 23 I’d had enough.
I went to my friend Jody’s salon and gave her total freedom to be creative. I of course stipulated that I wanted white blonde and short. So here I am with long mousey brown frizzy hair asking for a miracle. Did I mention that Jody is a color master? Yet even she was daunted, of course she did want me to have hair after the color process but I persisted, I was impatient and didn’t want to change color in stages….be WILD and let’s git er done!!
So I was white blonde for years, have tried growing it longer but alas the frizzies weren’t condusive to the sleek long haired style I wanted.
Here’s a pic from my stag night, always was a quiet, gentle lady.
Here with the girlies …awwww
The white hair is an interesting trait, it has a bit of a family story behind it. My father is one of 5 children. They were born in England before and after the war. The siblings born after or during wartime have this early white hair. The ones after went white in a more natural timing. I actually like my white hair and if I were 100% white I might leave it that way but I’m only about 80% right now.
This is my most recent color/style which I’ve actually kept for some time. Oh and that’s my Mummy whom I love sooo much!
Believe me I’ve had some hair catastrophes, just ask my friends about the Garth (movie Wayne and Garth) hairdo which was the home color disaster. Or the entirely too short look which I insisted I could pull off.
When I begin to look like a skunk I know it’s time to get my hair did and nowadays I don’t even attempt it myself, I pick up the phone and call the color master Jody!
So as you can see there is a bit of history for me and the saga of a hairstyle so no I will not apologize for my dependency on my hair products. If I need to forgo clothing to facilitate packing my straightener, blow dryer, glaze and assorted accompanying products so be it. I have found the hairstyle which I love and right now that makes me happy!!
Each of us has what we consider imperfections or things we want to change. I remember how I cried over having this hair earlier in life and yet now I wouldn’t change it if I had a choice.
God crafted us each uniquely and I’m glad he did!

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5 Responses

  1. :) My first perm is still quite a memory for me. It was a home perm and my moms hairdressers face told a story when we went to have the "burnt ends" (LOL….ENDS?) trimmed. She couldn't have shaved it and gotten all the burnt ends off.Today my hair is stick straight and I'm pretty much a brownish auburn, though in my 80s heyday I had many colors of the rainbow stripped in. :)

  2. ahhh Julie-your hair is what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments.We have been through all sorts of changes from blonde to purple(you forgot that stage didn't you?) to our ever famous red,dark and white.Every now and again you have the desire to be a blonde but thankfully I feel confident enough in our friendship to say….ummm NO!!!lol. I get so many compliments on your hair and I am thankful you are such a funky chic and allow me to play.I am also thankful for the dear friend I gained that day.And now I have the honour of taking care of your awesome sister's hair every so often as well.Another good friend!!!!I am proud of you kid for being daring in every aspect of your life and I personally am enjoying the ride!!!!!Have a safe trip!!!

  3. Toooo funny! I was born with blond curls and dark eyelashes and brows. I have colored my hair so many times that I have no idea what my natural color is, nor do I care. I was red for a while but the color was hard to keep and I didn't look like myself on pictues so I went back to being blond. At least I match my kids! I think you look great either white or the color you have now. Hope you are enjoying your trip….

  4. I was born with white hair. It stayed white until I was about 3. Then went blonde, then went dirty blonde. At age 16 I started coloring. A friend convinced me to do it. After that for many, many years Lady Clairol and I were "best buddies"..I knew it was getting white and I would let it grow out over the years to see the real color. It was white in the front and just kept easing backwards. About 3 years ago I stopped coloring it. I'm now as white as I was when I was born. It's really a pretty white and I'm staying that way. When I was 13 I used to stay with my great grandmother and she had beautiful white hair. I remember thinking that I hoped mine would be the same. And it is…

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