Dammit I’m Taking the Leap – Join me? #TakeTheLeap

Is anyone else tired out there? Here in Ontario we’re in the midst of Winter where the daylight is less and so is my level of activity. This is a time when I can easily find myself loafing on the couch far too much. Ok so I have been loafing around too much and I feel horrible because of it. The very last thing I’ve felt like doing is exercising and my aches and pains have returned and my waist line is growing. It’s time for me to change these old patterns I tend to turn to…time to get up and take a leap at being more active.

By the end of February so many of us have made and broken the New Year’s resolution to get moving more…but we can’t just give up.  The reality is that I’m someone who isn’t naturally inclined to exercise. All of my life I’ve fought the behaviours which see me avoiding exercise, promising myself that I’ll do more tomorrow. I am capable of coming up with some very creative excuses but in the end that’s what they are.

Today I’m here, writing to you all…thinking to myself “What If”. What if I decided to ignore that instinct to avoid exercising…if I just got up and got moving. What could happen? Well it’s straightforward really…eventually if I just got up often enough I’d be in the physical shape I really want to be in. The shape that I’ve achieved so many times in my life and have just let go…

What if I didn’t give up?

What if I actually took the leap to believing that I’m capable of being a healthy weight, fitness level and allowed myself to set a routine towards this?

Today I’ve decided to fake it until I make it. This is how I faced my recovery from alcoholism. Each and every day I did the next “right thing” until I built myself a foundation where being sober finally felt somewhat natural. Right now I’m committing to doing the same with my eating and exercise habits.

Today I’m dropping the self-image of a lazy fat girl and dammit I’m clutching onto the belief that I AM FIERCE!

God didn’t create me to fall short of my potential and each and every day I’m going to do my very best to achieve it. I’ve encouraged others to move just a bit more each day and yes I’ve done it myself in the past. My vow now is that I will work to embrace a healthy lifestyle long-term; not just to lose weight. No more will I become depressed when my pants don’t fit right…I’m DONE with lowering my expectations.

The Tools I’m Using

I’m dusting off my FitBit Charge (poor thing was lonely) and have a FitBit Aria WiFi Smart Scale all ready to go. The scale isn’t just about the weight, it tells me body fat %age and BMI which will help me to see the positive changes as I go. This technology is fantastic, I’ve had a learning session with the experts at the Telus Learning Centre who helped me to choose the right gear to help me on my journey. I laid out my goals (to lose weight, be more active and be able to see my progress) and they offered up many wearable devices to help. They spent the time to show me the features of the products I’ve chosen and now I feel more empowered on my quest.

To book a session with a Learning Centre Expert, visit www.telus.com/betteryou.

Commit with ME – WIN a FitBit Charge

To honor people willing to #TakeTheLeap my friends at Telus have given me a FitBit Charge to give away to one lucky Canadian reader. As an added bonus, Telus will also help the winner set up a 1:1 session with a TELUS Learning Centre Expert near them to get the full TELUS experience. Finally I’ll offer for the winner to write a blog post on their experience here on SoberJulie.com!!!


It’s easy to enter, just tell me what you’re committing to change in your life in the comments below and fill in the form below for a chance to win. Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I won’t join in, because that would be cheating…I’m in training for a half marathon lol. But you are for sure on the right path. A LOT of the time I just plain don’t feel like working out…but I do it anyway. WHY? Because I want to be healthy and strong. And I never regret having done it.

  2. I commit to walking/running two times a week and hitting the gym two times on weekends. My 7yo has told me that since the weather is better, he will scooter with me during the week and then I’m not cancelling around my husband’s sporadic schedule… which has really taken the wind out of my sails!

  3. My goal was to lose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday last November. I met and exceeded my goal, but then the holidays happened. Now, a few months later my bad habits are sneaking back and I’ve plateaued. This week I started up again. I’m hitting the dreaded treadmill and eating healthier. I’m ready to #TakeTheLeap I want to embrace the treadmill and not dread it! I want to stick to my plan and stop making excuses!

  4. I am committed to changing my eating habits. To stop reaching for junk food, instead I’ll reach for healthier options (hummus, fruits, etc)

  5. I’m committed to get through this separation and not let his cruelty defeat me no matter how my heart is breaking.

  6. my goal has been to lose at least 15lbs, get into better shape and drink more water, I love to walk but it has been winter so I have not been taking long walks, still getting out just not long (I hate cold)

  7. I am committed to getting in shape and feeling great. A few weeks ago I got back on my elliptical to work off my 13 lbs left of baby weight, wanting to look smokin hot for summer, and drinking lots more water, less snacking (which was harder than I thought) so far so good

  8. One of my current goals is to demand my mind and body to be away from routine. Instead of allowing a day of computer time, I must find times for quiet and nature and screen-free conversation, and just general ‘mixing it up’. I think it helps all areas of life. Exercise, mental wellness, rest, posture.

  9. This year I’m committed to getting my weight under control and getting back down to where I was years ago, pre-divorce! 10 pounds down so far, maybe 15 to go – we will see!

  10. I’m going for broke this year. I am trying to quit smoking and I am changing my diet and working out!
    2016 will be my make or break year.

  11. I am trying to eat healthier. Slowly cutting out all the horrible stuff. Watching my snacking. Winter is never kind to my weight as I am not as active since I pretty much hibernate!

  12. I have committed to change my eating habits by eating more fruits and vegetables and staying away from pasta and anything fried, so far in the past 6 wks I have lost 25 lbs

  13. I am committed to living a healthier life . I have quit smoking and now I am working on exercising and eating better

  14. This year I’m committed to taking my fitness to a much higher and more focused level. I want to get very fit and active.

  15. I wish you the best on your journeys as I battle dysphagia, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. I fight everyday, for it to not be my last.

  16. I am committed to stop making excuses to myself its time for change and starting with changing my eating habits.

  17. I am committed to going for a daily walk, I have been really good apart from the last couple of days as I have been sick!

  18. I am committing to a healthier lifestyle. I am learning to cook healthier meals for my family and getting out to get at least 1 hour of fresh air and exercise.

  19. I am committed to having more swim days with the kids & taking family walks so that we’re all getting exercise together.

  20. I Commit to get more sleep! Tax season busyness has begun and I’m already running on empty. More sleep is so important. And, the 18th is my birthday so as a present to myself – I’m setting my alarm – to go to bed! Thanks for the chance AND the motivation!

  21. I am committed to changing my life as my three little girls are getting older and it’s time I focus on myself and my health. I need to eat better, exercise more, and encourage my entire family to do the same!

  22. I am committing to change my fitness level. I have been lazy do to having a muscle disorder and not pushing my body more to keep fit so I am now trying to make sure I get an hour walk on the treadmill each day.

  23. I’m trying to move more through the day. Since “sitting is the new smoking” I’m trying to ensure I get up from my desk every 30 minutes or so. It shouldn’t be hard, but it is.

  24. I commit to eating less processed foods. Less or no more takeouts, chips and pop which can be a challenge at times.

  25. I’m committed to getting back on the exercise train and taking off the 10 pounds that have crept on over the past two years so that I feel comfortable and healthy again.

  26. being more active and eating healthier. I feel like i’m already active enough but i want to push it a lil more

  27. We’re aiming for more family time and less time on devices as we move forward this year and in the future.

  28. I am committed to exercise regularly and stopping soda. I joined a gym about a month ago and so far so good. 4 days a week I have been in there. The soda is an up and down thing. Few days good then one bad but I’ll get there.

  29. I am well on my way with my weight loss program but my exercise level is sadly low. So increasing my walking is the next to tackle.

  30. Ohmigawd, eating out! We have to do that less! Meal prep not only saves money, but waistlines! :)

  31. Like you I am getting back into a workout routine. I went threw menopause and breastcancer. I beat both and am still semi sane. I also have a 13yr. old daughter. My 2 other children are 34 and 29. I have been married for 36yrs. So all this explains the SEMI sane. I am glad you are sober. My father never was. Keep up the great work and yes stay active.

  32. I am working on losing weight the right way and on my own pace without negative input from others. Doing this by eating right, work out and walking. I hope having a fitbit will help me reach my goals. Thank you

  33. I need to stop smoking, I’ll be 60 in less than one month and then lose weight by diet control and more walking

  34. I’m committing to eating healthier and removing more processed foods and sugars from my home.

  35. I am committing to being more active. I have gained weight over the past year, and can’t stand it anymore.

  36. to get more active and to eat,cook healthier meals for my family , cutting out soda and chips (that was pretty hard but slowly getting used to grabbing water and a fruit instead of junk)

  37. I am committing to change my eating and exercise habits. I can’t stand it anymore, time to get myself back!

  38. I’m trying to eat a little better, but the hardest thing for me is to drink more water. I drink plenty of liquid….very little of it water!!!!

  39. I’m committing to change through my walking. I walk for at least an hour a day, and run most of my errands on foot. I’ve lost weight, and my endurance and strength have really increased.

  40. Lots of change in store for us this year. My husband is retiring in May and we’ll be moving/downsizing so we’ll have more time to do the things we enjoy. First on the list is to get more exercise followed closely by changing to a healthier lifestyle by planting our own garden.

  41. I’ve lost 60 libs this past year and am working on losing another 20lbs. I exercise almost every day, alternating between cardio and strength training. I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

  42. I’m committed to getting outside with my family and being active while we explore the beauty of nature.

  43. Starting in January I committed to listen to my body, not every other diet guru out there. I’ve been having trouble though getting into the exercise. So I commit to adding exercise to my health commitment. I also want to start taking care of myself in other ways. I’m an artist but I’ve been neglecting that in favor of concentrating on what I put in my mouth. So, I’m adding a commitment to a full, complete human being, balanced with health, exercise and hobbies.

  44. I am committing to getting healthier, body and soul, so as to provide a good role model for my daughter. I want to be fit and eat right so she learns how to make healthy choices. I’ve joined a gym and am trying to meal plan appropriately (this seems harder than going to the gym for me). Also trying not to let her see me on my phone so much!

  45. Last April, I made a few major health changes. I took up mountain biking and started eating healthier. We stopped eating out (we still eat out occasionally, once every 5 weeks) and cut out some bad habits that were costing money. We put the saved money from eating out etc. in a box (in monopoly money…easy to keep track of) and the system worked. Really good. I’m clearly a person driven by numbers and stats and I am planning on doing a bike challenge in June to get me motivated. My goal is to work even harder than last year and shed the last extra pounds (those last ones are really hard to get rid of!) Now that I’m much stronger I’m feeling quite confident I can do it, but obviously something that will track my progress would help a great deal!

  46. I have already started last year with my fitness goals so far I have loss 10 lbs, I have started eating healthy and drinking more water, including vitamins and active 5 days a week, lifting weights but I have much more to go, sleeping is one of the things I which I could know how much I’m doing. just keep swimming!

  47. I committed to giving up desserts/sugar in the month of March..not trying for longer than that yet lol..

  48. I am committing to a healthier lifestyle. No drinking alcohol, not eating processed foods and exercising. The Fit Bit would be a great help in keeping me active.

  49. I have joined an indoor walking club so when it is nasty out I can still walk=an exercise tracker would be a big help

  50. I am committed to stop making excuses not to exercise. My arsenal includes…too busy, too tired, I’ll double up tomorrow(which I don’t), it’s raining or it’s too hot. Enough is enough! Time to start making my health a priority.

  51. I am committing to becoming a more active and healthier person. As well as trying to be more organized.

  52. I’m trying the same approach as you are! Dec, Jan, and Feb are such cold dark depressing months, so I tell myself to just GET UP, resist the urge to NOT exercise. I’ve never been disappointed yet!

  53. Always trying to participate and make changes and choices that are better for my physical and mental heath.

  54. I’m committing to change my eating habits & to work out more! I want to gain more energy & lose my mommy pooch for good!!

  55. I am committed to healthier eating (cutting down on the fast food). Looking at the mental health of my family and making sure I stay on top of my health not only for myself but, my family as well.

  56. I’m committed to incorporating fitness and movement in my life. I rejoined the gym and loving Zumba and group fitness classes.

  57. I’m committing to being braver in my sober journey (almost to my four year mark) and moving my body more. I’m not getting any younger.

  58. I’m committed to getting off the couch and getting things done. More exercise, more playing with my kids, more finishing my to do list, no more excuses!

  59. I’m committing to push myself further physically. They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

  60. I’m committing to chance my attitude toward exercise. It is too easy to blow it off instead of buckling down and doing something. I’m doing long walks every day now and am so far sticking too them. Haven’t been tracking them other than time 1 hour every day.

  61. I’m committing to stop being so negative about myself. I take care of my physical health, but sometimes my mental health gets neglected.

  62. I am committed to reduce the amount of salt and sugar in my diet to lower my high blood pressure and maintain better healthy eating.

  63. I’m committed to make sure I live everyday like it’s my last – love others & smile LOTS

  64. I am committed to walking when I can instead of taking the car. Yes, the car is easier and faster, but my two legs should be able to get me where I need to go in town. And so far it seems to be working.

  65. I am committed to taking my health back. Last Physical revealed High Blood Pressure & high Cholesterol. I need to get control before permanent damage is done This Fit bit would help keep me on track. Thanks for the chance.

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