As my love of photography has grown, so has my need for a quality camera bag. Head into any camera store and you will find oodles of dark coloured, bulky camera bags that will have your fashion senses snoring. Of course the most important feature of any camera bag should be protection, but if you’re like myself you appreciate some style! Epiphanie by photographer Maile Wilson recognized the lack of stylish camera bags and produces products with a huge variety of colours, styles and functionality.

epiphanie camera bag lyric soberjulie

My first Epiphanie camera bag was the Lyric in olive which I received last December. Since then it’s replaced my purses, which surprised me. It’s a larger style camera bag which fits my camera with lens attached, a long lens, a shorter lens, my wallet, lipstick, cell phone and an iPad in the long side pocket. I like that I can easily sling it over my shoulder when spending a long day travelling or walking. There is also plenty of room left once I’ve packed in all of these items, perfect to stash a light sweater for evenings.

The Lyric has done me well and is well-loved but sometimes it has felt too large for the outing. This Summer I’ll be attending some events with the family and I’ve been looking for something more traditionally purse-like. I wanted something that can hold all of my camera gear, but is smaller and can still be worn on the shoulder or cross-body.

epiphanie camera bags soberjulie

The bag I decided upon is Stella by Epiphanie in a stunning pink, it’s constructed of man-made materials which feel like leather.  The shape of the Stella is fantastic, its wide base stabilizes it so that it never falls over when I set it down. The inside is roomy and well padded. There are removable dividers which allow one to design the layout to suit their equipment.

epiphanie camera bag stella soberjulie


It’s designed to hold camera body + attached lens, 1 long lens, 1-2 short lenses, flash, wallet, battery pack and more. With 5 exterior pockets, Stella easily holds everything I’ll need on a day out. While I won’t always be carrying this much gear, I thought I’d show you what’s in my camera bag today.

In the main compartment:

  • Canon Rebel T3
  • Canon 18-55 lens
  • CanonEF 50mm f1.8 lens
  • Wallet
  • Car keys
  • Business cards
  • Battery charger

In the exterior pockets:

  • Cell phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Lipstick & lipliner
  • Pressed powder
  • SD cards

epiphanie camera bag stella soberjulie end

I am utterly in love with my new bag however, somehow my husband isn’t into carrying it for me. Thankfully there are many fashion-forward camera bags for men in very manly colours and styles, like this “London” backpack style in burnt orange. My husband may not be into wearing my pink Stella bag but I think he’d go for this one and it would make the perfect Father’s Day or birthday gift idea.


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Epiphany Camera Bag Giveaway


Enter to WIN an Epiphanie bag of your choice; we’re giving away TWO (2 winners)! If you win and you choose a bag for yourself, rather the man in your life, we won’t tell. Enter in the form below. Open to US & Canadian residents. Ends July 2nd 11:59:59 EST.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received product in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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206 Responses

  1. The Stella bag looks perfect!! I have tried backpacks for my camera, which I am not a huge fan of. They have their purpose, but are huge – and, well, a backpack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I suppose I should pick a more ‘girlie’ camera bag, but I really like the Austin in Black. If I would want the more ‘girlie’ one… would be a difficult choice, but I believe it would be the Stella in slate blue.

  3. I think I would need to pick the brown bag. As you mentioned Julie, my husband wouldn’t carry the pink one. That said, the pink Stella is BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I would pick the London in burnt orange. It would be for me. I am a single Mom, so I deserve a Father’s Day gift, I think!

  5. I be LOVIN that bright pink one for sure!!! What an awesome idea….love that camera bags have been made to be so stylish now!

  6. Which bag would I choose….that is a tough decision…but I would have to say the SYDNEY in turquoise.

  7. So many to choose from, probably the Brooklyn so both hubby and I could use it. They’re all quite lovely, what a great gift idea.

  8. I would pick the Stella for myself because my husband would probably want to use the other one as a beer bag and these bags are way to nice for that, plus he has enough bags for his

  9. Hard to choose I really love the sydney in caramel and the madison in black is really nice too

  10. Oh I have swooned over these babies for LIKE ever!! I love me some Miss Charlotte in cobalt blue & Lyric in brown too! Plus every single other bag) Thanks for the sweet chance!

  11. depending on what time of day, day of the week, mood, etc., I would probably choose a different bag each time because they are all so great! Right now it is GINGER – Slate Blue

  12. I have to have the Stella! My gosh I have seen these recently on a trip and I was like that’s gorgeous but I had no idea what the brand name was. Must have it!

  13. I love the Ginger, Belle, and Lola bags. I’d pick turquoise or yellow or burnt orange. It’d be tough to pick! I take tons of pictures of my family and the places we travel! This would be so handy to have!

  14. If I’m chosen the lucky winner, I would probably choose the LYRIC in black. Thank you for this opportunity :)

  15. I really like the Lola in Red. Although i would likely choose the caramel. And I love the London bag as well.

  16. I love a lot of their bags, so it is very hard to choose. I think I would go for the Sydney in Caramel though.

  17. When I saw your email and checked out your bag – I was going to send you a comment. I didn’t realize it was a giveaway! So for my pleasure I would love the SYDNEY – Kiwi. Love it!

  18. Wow, I am totally in love with these bags! They are really cute and functional as a purse, let alone a camera bag! My sweet hubby bought be a 60D last Christmas and I’ve been looking to upgrade my very boring bag. I love three of the Epiphanie bags, so it would be tough to chose between the Stella in pink, the Clover in fushia or the Ginger in Turquoise.

  19. I literally just gasped out loud reading this article. I’ve been looking for the perfect purse/camera bag for ages and this just might be it. (yes…it’s for me). The Stella in grey looks amazing…as do they all!

  20. I absolutely LOVE the Stella in Pink, but then again I also LOVE Sydney in Turquoise! I don’t know how I would be able to choose between the two!

  21. I have been in love with Stella (in Pink) for a very long time .
    I’ve now decided I have to let my husband know about her. ;)

  22. I’m having a real hard time picking just one… help! lol Maybe the Sydney in turquoise… maybe

  23. The pink Epiphanie Camera bag! Yes, yes, and yes! It is absolutely gorgeous! Just to have it as part of my collection of purses would be absolutely amazing!

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