How to Make a Smoothie – The Basics

Smoothies have become very popular lately, not only are the tasty but you can jam in a bunch nutrients in just one glass. Knowing how to make a smoothie will save you time and hassle when you’re looking for a healthy choice on the go.

Tips for Making Smoothies

There are some keys when making smoothies, the biggest tip I can give you is to watch your ingredients for hidden calories, sugars or preservatives. I prefer to use ingredients that aren’t processed when I’m making a smoothie, that way I’m in control of what goes into my bodacious self.

When your fruits are just over-ripe or is bruised, toss them into the freezer and use them in smoothies. Using frozen fruits means you’ll need less liquid and ice.

Add in one “creamy” fruit such as banana, peach, pear, apple.

Water-rich fruits will make the smoothie runnier (melons, kiwi, grapes and citrus fruits).

For low-fat/low-calorie smoothies, use water as your base.

If you’re stuck when trying to think which fruits to use, just picture the juice aisle in the grocery store and gather ideas from juice combos you already like.

Feel free to check out some of my smoothie recipes, they may help you get inspired!

How To Make a Smoothie

How to make a smoothie infographic

There are many other ingredients you can choose, but this infographic I’ve made will help you get started making your smoothies!

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15 Responses

  1. I should probably include smoothies more on a regular basis, rather than as a treat every once in a while. Thanks for the how to, need to keep things for step 5 handy.

  2. Great post! I love the suggestions – I have never thought of adding something like coconut oil to a smoothie.. I highly recommend tossing in a little bit of greens like spinach. It doesn’t alter the taste too much & gives you a healthy boost :)

  3. Great info. I want to use smoothies to add nutrition to my son’s diet. He does not like meat very much, can’t have dairy so enough protein is an issue. I have made some soy milk smoothies -you have a great suggestion about the frozen fruit instead of ice or to reduce the ice.

  4. thank you for this post! i have a blender i have never used and have had such a craving for smoothies lately but didnt have any idea what kind of smoothie to do instead of just throwing a bunch of stuff in a blender lol

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