I Wonder How @FordCanada Can Beat Last Year? #SCCTO

Here in Canada this is a HUGE week for bloggers! Frenzied packing and last-minute prep is underway as many of us prepare to head to conferences. I am heading to the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto (SCCTO), I’ve written quite a few posts providing information about #SCCTO which I feel is important to conference goers.

Throughout this week I’ll be writing about the conference, assuming that my preparation goes as planned I do hope to be updating you all here.

Ford ExplorerLast year at SCCTO I had the opportunity to connect with many brands, Ford Canada was one of the brands which I’ve worked with since the conference. After meeting the Ford reps at SCCTO we kept in touch via Twitter and Facebook and I arranged to do some vehicle reviews. My review of the 2011 Ford Explorer was particularly memorable, I think I fell so hard for the vehicle it showed.

As a blogger we meet many brands and when we see a brand who does social media well it is noticed. Many opportunities pass by my inbox but when I see one from Ford I jump at it. It’s not simply because I really like their vehicles, their safety focus, they community involvement…..and they don’t pay me….it’s because we’ve connected.

Ford Canada connects on social media and actually makes concerted efforts to maintain relationships with folks online. All too often we see brands tweeting out their contests, announcements but never actually entering into a conversation which has any depth. From the moment I met Ammar Khan (the social media lead at Ford) at SCCTO he became a friend. We’ve chatted about our families, our lives and one of my biggest concerns since my car accident; safety.

Ford’s display of vehicles at SCCTO was impressive in itself, their reps had energy which my teenage neighbors couldn’t challenge and the laughter from conference goers could be heard from far away. Their presentations were informative, welcoming and well with Careoke being one of the features….FUN!

So Ford Canada, what are you bringing to the table at SCCTO this year, you set the bar high in 2011!

If you’re on Twitter, Monday night (tonight!) there will be a Ford/SCCTO chat on Twitter at 9PM EST. Make sure to follow @FordCanada and @shesconnected, and the #FordSCCTO hashtag.

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