This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Ontario, my family headed up to our trailer to enjoy the AMAZING weather and to close it up for the season.  After a long drive there, all we wanted to do was to rest and enjoy the day. The kids ran off their pent up energy while hubby and I unpacked for the weekend and made a list of everything we would need to get in town.

Once we’d been to the shops and had all of the ingredients, we set to making a fantastic breakfast!

Muffin Tin Ham and Eggs

My recipe is simple and fantastic if you’re having company, everyone loves muffin tin ham and eggs!

First you line a muffin tin with ham, ensure that each cup is lined and the ham is up above the rim.

IMG 1237

 Next crack an egg into each piece of ham.

IMG 1240

 Turn a skillet onto medium/low heat and put tater tots in to cook (hubby’s fantastic potato choice)

IMG 1241

 Next slice up peameal bacon, approx 1/4 inch, and place on the bottom grill of a BBQ at medium heat. Put the muffin tray of ham & eggs on the top rack and cover.

IMG 1247

Leave to cook for approx 15 minutes, flipping the taters and peameal once.

While cooking enlist the help of the children to cut croissants and slice up oranges and cheese for sides.

IMG 1251

 The eggs are done when the whites are firm and your muffin tin ham and eggs are ready!!


And here’s my happy family ready for their hot breakfast which cost under $25 and was amazing.

Who says you can’t eat well while camping?

IMG 1264

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