Turn a Pendant Light into a Christmas Chandelier DIY

In our dining room, we have a pendant light which I really dislike. We have it on the HUGE list of things to replace/upgrade in our home but for now I’m living with it. It’s a basic pendant light and does its job so it’s not at the top of the list just yet. With Christmas coming, I was recently decorating our dining room and was faced with the challenge of creating something beautiful out of the light. The overall feel of the dining room was a cozy, country Christmas so I tuned to nature to find the solution to make our simple light fixture into a Christmas chandelier with a bit of DIY.

Christmas Chandelier

Christmas Chandelier DIY Project

To begin, allow me to show you what we were working with. It’s a simple light fixture which measures 19″ at the widest diameter and 9″ at the smallest. I suspect there are millions of these in homes everywhere as it’s a very inexpensive light which does shed fantastic light onto the table.

pendant light christmas

To begin, we removed the pendant light cover and placed it onto a table. We placed cedar and spruce twigs in a circular pattern around the cover to get the feel of what we wanted. We cut the lengths to make sure they would drape over the fixture and could be seen from below when it was hanging.

christmas chandelier project

We secured the twigs in place by wrapping floral wire around the ends. You could use twist ties if you’d like, just hold the ends together and tie away! The greenery will hide them.

christmas chandelier diy

Next we added in some cranberry twigs which we found at the Dollar store. I just poked the ends of them into the spots where the greenery was wired together, making sure they could be seen below.

christmas chandelier cranberries

Now we put the whole thing back onto the light fixture to see what was missing. We added cranberry vines to the light fixture’s wire, snuck in some twigs and golden accents and voila, it was complete!

diy christmas chandelier

We adore our Christmas chandelier, it lends a lovely light in the evening and brings the outdoors inside for the Holiday season!

christmas chandelier diy night

Head over to see how our Cozy Country Christmas Dining Room turned out!

christmas dining room decor

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  1. absolutely brilliant. It looks fantastic, I would never in a million years have thought of doing something like that :-)

  2. Julie, you have created a beautiful and stunning Christmas table and the updo of your pendant light just makes the entire room brighter!

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