Creating a Cozy Country Christmas Dining Room

Recently our home has been undergoing some major renovations and although they’re not finished I am beginning to see the hard work paying off. We renovated our kitchen/living room cabinetry and counters to bring it forward from the 1970’s into what I feel is a light, clean look. With the Christmas season almost upon us, when Home Depot gave me the challenge to choose an area of our home to decorate I chose the dining room as it’s one of the spaces where we spend the most time.

For this challenge I decided I’d go with a Cozy Country Christmas look, I just refinished our dining room table using clay paint and the theme fits perfectly!

Cozy Country Christmas Dining Room

christmas dining room decor

Starting from the top of the room, my first challenge was our UGLY light fixture! This was in the house when we moved in and we haven’t gotten around to replacing it but oh how I hate it! I knew I wanted to cover it up with something festive, so I picked up some greenery and make a GORGEOUS Christmas Chandelier Wreath. It’s a very simple project actually, which you can do with any hanging light fixture so head over and see how we did it.

christmas dining room 8 wm

On top of the cabinetry we have some space which eventually I’ll paint to match the open concept living/dining room, for Christmas I wanted to put something there which will help the room feel more cozy. I used the Home Accents Holiday 6″ Birch Wax Flameless LED Pillar Candle as the centre point, draped the fresh greenery around, added some dollar store gold branches and cranberries it to create a lovely, festive accent. This can be done for a mantle as well, just ensure you hide the stems of the greenery by placing other greenery pieces on top of it.

christmas dining room 5 wm

During our dining room renovation, we decided to have our cabinet maker build two cabinet pieces, between which is an antique hutch from my husband’s family. Between the cabinets we used a wallpaper from Home Depot to create a feature wall and hung a simple square mirror there. When I saw the 24″Martha Stewart Living Berry Wreath at Home Depot, my wheels began turning and I knew I wanted to hang it over the focus mirror.

To do this, I simply looped fishing wire around the top of the wreath, knotted it and ran it to the over the top of the mirror to the wire on the back of the mirror. I tied it in a knot securely to the hanging wire and voila, I had a gorgeous focal point!

christmas dining room 6 wm

To highlight the buffet area where I will serve the desserts, I placed some coloured branches into vases and had the kids write Christmas wishes on little cards which I hung there. I left the lamp and figurines which sit there all year long as they seemed to fit the mood. Just a few candles and we were feeling festive over here! Isn’t that wallpaper from Home Depot gorgeous?

Christmas dining room 3 wm

christmas dining room 7 wm

Next up was the table! To begin, I actually folded up a curtain which I had lying around to create a table runner. Then I used 3 inexpensive gold chargers as bases for the 3 table features. When I was in the store, I fell in love with this Martha Steward Red and Gold Tree and decided to make it the table centrepiece. I love how it’s colourful and brings a shine to the centre of the table.

christmas dining room 13 wm

To flank the centerpiece at each end, I found cranberry wreaths at the dollar store which I placed on top of the gold chargers and placed a candle in the middle of each. This is simple, inexpensive and really fits well with the cozy theme.

christmas dining table 9 wm

For each place setting, I used red chargers as the bottom then a simple white plate and finally a gold dessert plate to complete the colour scheme. I placed a candy cane upon a folded red napkin, added a little ornament and tied with twine to finish it off.

christmas dining room 14 wm

Anyone who knows me, knows that beverages matter to me! I love serving guests Mocktails made with fresh ingredients so of course I had to decorate my mason jar glasses! This is super simple, just the way I like it! I simply hot-glued some pretty gold ribbon onto each glass, tied a red ribbon around the neck and fed a cranberry twig into it. Isn’t it lovely?

christmas dining room 10 wm

This project was so much fun, when I began I knew I wanted to achieve a “cozy country” look for Christmas and by using the cranberry wreath and more modern looking Martha Stewart tree as my inspirations, I feel we have a dining room that hits the mark!

christmas dining room 12 wm

Christmas dining room wm


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to be at your house for a Christmas diner or to sit for coffee in the kitchen to get into the spirit, which evades me this year, our house looks amazing!

  2. Like I said on Facebook your room looks like it came straight out of a magazine!!! it’s gorgeous and you did an awesome job!!

  3. Beautiful decorations. I wish I had a flare for decorating. I love the chandelier. Congrats on a job well done.

  4. Very pretty, love what you did! Unfortunately we live in a small condo and our storage space is very limited so we have had to keep our Christmas decorations to a minimum :(

  5. This is very beautiful! I particularly like the pine boughs and the Christmas tree ornament for the centerpiece! Happy Holidays! :)

  6. I love all of these wonderful pictures and ideas…especially how you have displayed your Christmas cards…I have been looking for a decorative way to display ours and this just looks great and affordable.

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