Gifts for the Techy on Your List from Telus and a Giveaway!

When you’re looking for gifts for the Techy in your life, you really should be checking out the Telus store! It may not have been the first location on your list but they are the experts, offer competitive pricing on the hottest devices, services and accessories of the Holiday Season.

Why should my readers do their holiday shopping at TELUS? Well, aside from our awesome selection of the latest smartphones, they’re also a great destination for smartphone accessories – like wearable tech, headphones and power boosters, for example, and it’s no secret that smartphone accessories are all the rage these days!

Happy customers and their focus on customer experience is what really sets them apart. To help customers get the most of their devices, they also offer unique value-added services like TELUS Device Care, T-Up! and our TELUS Learning Centres to make sure customers get the most out of their new tech gifts this holiday season.

kate spade new york Portable Battery



The kate spade new york 4000mAh Portable Backup Battery conveniently charges your device wherever you are. Designed with eye-catching prints, the powerful backup battery is equipped with 4000mAh of power to charge an average smartphone 2-3 times.

  • Rechargeable 4000mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Quick charging time, with high-speed input and 2.1A output
  • Portable, compact design perfect for traveling
  • Signature kate spade new york graphic prints for on-the-go power with eye-catching style

mophie space 16GB (iPhone 5/5s)



You can now save more and delete less with the all-new mophie space pack. It’s the extra power you love from mophie, now with built-in storage. Double your battery and store more photos, videos, music, and documents than ever before.


  • Ultra-thin and sleek design complements & protects your iPhone from drops and scratches
  • Additional 16GB of extra storage integrated into the rechargeable battery case
  • Up to 100% extra battery capacity for charging on-the-go
  • The Space app allows you to easily manage, organize, and share files on the space pack
  • Take photos with the Space app and save them straight to the space pack without using any storage on your iPhone

Samsung Gear Live


With Android Wear connectivity, the Samsung Gear Live watch seamlessly manages your life from texts to calls to maps and more, providing you with relevant information when it’s relevant.

Customizable faces keep you looking stylish while connectedMaintain a happy and healthy lifestyle with the continuous heart rate monitor and fitness apps. The right choice for someone who’s looking to maximize their time.

Fitbit Flex



Help your loved one take the right steps towards a healthy new year with the Fitbit Flex!

This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active.


  • Motivates you to lead a healthier lifestyle by tracking your steps, distance, calories burned, while monitoring how long and how well you sleep
  • Make fitness fun by setting daily goals, earn badges and challenge friends to get fit
  • Automatically sync your stats wirelessly to your computer and through the free Fitbit app on select smartphones
  • Free access to the interactive Fitbit website for uploading and analyzing data and tracking real-time progress with free graphs, charts and tools
  • USB rechargeable battery with a long life, reducing the need for frequent charges (3-5 days)
  • Lightweight, comfortable, stylish and waterproof

FWD Powershot



The FWD Powershot is the one and only sensor for hockey sticks. The FWD Powershot™ records your movements and the power of your shot, accurately measuring the speed of the puck. Your results are saved in your profile so you can monitor your progress and share and compare your performances with your friends.


  • Compare puck speed from one game or practice to the next
  • Analyze your performances, improve your shots and track your evolution in game situations.
  • Compare the amplitude of your swing in relation to puck speed
  • Track your results in real time, check your stats, compare your performance with others
  • Designed to work with all hockey sticks.




Zepp Golf is a revolutionary training system (motion sensor + glove mount + mobile app) that helps you analyze and improve your swing. Just attach the sensor to any golf glove and swing away to get instant feedback and see your swing in 3D from any angle on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Stop guessing at how to improve and let Zepp show you how.


  • Replay and review your swing in 360° from any angle
  • Track club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more Compare and share your swing data with others
  • Get personalized tips, drills and coaching
  • Set goals and track your improvement over time
  • Includes Zepp sensor, glove mount and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Easily attaches to any golf glove and wirelessly sends data to your smartphone or tablet after every swing
  • Zepp sensor also works with Zepp Baseball (bat mount required) and Zepp Tennis (racket mount required)

JBL Flip 2


The award-winning Flip 2 brings rich sound to your portable lifestyle. Engineered with world-renowned JBL quality, Flip 2 uses two drivers and a built-in bass to take your listening experience to new depths. With sounds this clear, you’ll never believe they’re coming from a speaker that fits in your hand. Because you use your phone for more than just music, Flip 2 has built-in microphone and noise cancelling technology. Use it as a speaker phone and never miss a word!


  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream music through any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Built-in microphone allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat
  • Features a rechargeable battery for convenient portability and extended playback time


If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party on December 9th at 9pm EST where Ryobi will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.


WIN a His & Hers Fitbit Flex Gift from Telus

It’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for one lucky Canadian reader as Telus has supplied us with a His & Hers Fitbit gift pack to giveaway!

fitbit giveaway


Entry is simple, just fill in the form below. All entries will be verified, this contest ends on Decmeber 22nd, 2014. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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303 Responses

  1. I would give one to my brother since he has to keep in shape because of is job and probably keep the other for myself, maybe motivate me to exercise more.

  2. I would give one to my aunt and one to my best friend. That hockey sensor is so cool! I have never heard of something like that before!

  3. I would keep one… and wrap it and give it to myself (I”m a single mom…so who else will get me a gift!) and I’d give one to my sister, who just moved to London! We could compete against each other!

  4. I would love to give one to my brother who is struggling to engage in a healthier lifestyle and I would keep one for myself to lose these stubborn pounds and encourage him along the way!

  5. I would give one to my mom (who’s been eying mine with great interest) and my friend who has been saving up for one this Christmas

  6. For my husband and myself. We both know we are in bad shape. Need to get back on course. Maybe the tracking would be incentive!

  7. I would give one to my wife Leanne and keep the other for myself. Challenge each other to complete our goals each day.

  8. I would give one to my daughter who has encouraged me that is never too late to get in shape. Now I do pilates and track training, getting ready to complete a 5K run. (I would keep the other one ;) )

  9. I would live to give one of these to each of my teenagers. I love mine and think they would enjoy one as well. Never too young to start a healthy lifestyle!

  10. I would give one to my husband and keep one for myself as we are on a journey together to improve our health and be around to keep up with the five wee ones we’ve been given.

  11. I would keep one for myself as I’m desperately trying to get healthy. The other would go t a good friend of mine who is struggling to get healthy too. These would help us with our long journeys.

  12. I would give my two fitbits to my mom and my boyfriend so they can continue on their healthy lifestyle with some fun tech equipment

  13. I bought the original Fitbit for myself and my mom two years ago for Christmas but I gave mine to my aunt and my mom ruined hers so I’d love to replace them for both of us.

  14. I would keep one for myself gove the other to my friend since the 2 of us are trying to get healthier and more active together.

  15. I would keep one and give the other to my hubby so we can motivate each other :) thanks for the chance!
    Tara Knott

  16. I would give one to each of my parents to track their fitness – I think they would love it! I have one myself, and they are my fitness buddies who I go to the track with, so it would be fun to track our progress together. :-)

  17. I would give them to my brother in law and his girlfriend. These would be an absolutely PERFECT gift for them!!!

  18. Were I blessed with these wonderful gifts, I would give one to my fiancé, and keep one for myself. They would certainly help us on our weight-loss journey!

  19. i will keep both and wear one on each of my wrists. i believe that will reduce my need to exercise in half! genius!

  20. I’d give 1 to my husband and keep the other for myself. It would be a great boost for our endeavors toward weight loss and improved health.

  21. I would keep one for myself and gift the other to my Cousin so that we could get in shape together! We motivate one another. so this would be the perfect gift

  22. I would keep one for myself & give the other to my hubby. We have been making healthier choices since mid-September & so far I’ve lost 17 lbs and he’s lost 20! Thanks for the chance to win Julie!

  23. I’d give one to my son who wants to be even more active and enjoys a challenge. The other I’d keep to use on the teens in the run club i do at my DD’s school. I’d let different students wear / different runs & we could make little group challenges. :) On another note: This would be great for my hubby – (maybe i can finally prove all those times he falls asleep on the sofa after supper -hehe). Just kidding – it is great gadget to motivate folks to get active! Thanks for the chance.

  24. I would give one to my husband and keep the other for myself. I have arthritis in my knees and am just getting over a herniated disc and sciatica and have already started an exercise program to strengthen my back and knees.

  25. I would give them to my in laws who would love them! They are online for the first time this year and would think the tracking part would be great! Perfect for them.

  26. I WANT ONE SO BAAAAAAAAAAAAD. ANd the other would go to my boyfriend so we can motivate each other. and have a friendly healthy lifestyle competition. ahh!

  27. I would use the pair of Fitbits for me and my girlfriend so we could start 2015 off on the right foot by committing to a healthier lifestyle for us and our two daughters. Thanks Telus and you as well Julie for this great opportunity

  28. I would give one to my brother because he definitely needs to exercise more. I’d keep the other and replace my FitBit One :)

  29. I would keep one but there is a girl from my hometown (couple provinces over) who under went weight loss surgery and has mentioned a few times that THIS is what would really help her success in the gym . We dont know each other very well but i truely would like to gift this to her anonymously

  30. I would gift one Fit Bit to my husband Craig and keep one for myself. 4 years ago, we started our fitness journey by taking regular walks, participating in Circuit Weight training classes 2 x per week, plus eating healthier. These prizes would be the perfect way to motivate us further, plus reward us for our hard work. Thanks so much for this chance to win!

  31. I would give one to my husband. He’s been wanting one. I would keep the other for myself. We’ve been trying to get into better shape.

  32. I would give one to my husband because he has been curious about his sleep patterns and how many steps he takes. The other I would give to a girlfriend of mine who is my workout companion. I already own one.

  33. I would keep one and give one to my hubby. We have been trying to lose weight together so these would help us.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  34. I would give one to my hubby, and keep one for myself. These would help us become more motivated and healthy for the new year!

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