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February is a BIG month in my life; one where I find myself reflecting. This recent look back had me thinking and I had an aha moment where I realized I’ve been holding myself back. From this little reflecting exercise I’ve made a BIG decisions to STOP being happy with less than I have have potential to experience. I am INTENTIONALLY deciding to believe that I can surpass what I thought were my capabilities and achieve EVERYTHING I would have “dreamed” of.

Let me go back and explain a little bit to help make it clear. I have been on a road to recovery since February of 2010 in a few regards…

  • I got sober on February 6, 2010. This has been a journey where I’ve rebuilt my emotional and spiritual self and have had to get to know myself and learn how to live without leaning on booze.
  • On February 26, 2010 I was involved in a car accident which left me with many physical injuries and a brain injury. This path has had MANY valleys and dark days, dealing with PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive limitations and such

These past 6 years have had some very difficult times but have led me to a place where I’ve exceeded my expectations without intentional purpose. Pause on that one….WITHOUT intentional purpose.

Living Intentionally

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I have been consciously doing activities, therapies and courses to help improve myself but always with the hope of easing things. Yes I’ve seen improvement but what if I had INTENTIONALLY sought to recover fully.

To be in a BETTER position than I had ever thought possible?

What IF I BELIEVED anything is possible and focused my energy on a goal that is far beyond what my own inner perspective thinks is possible?

If I’ve come this far, how far could I go if I stopped allowing fears and preconceived notions hold me back.

We see it all of the time, it’s all around us if we look for it. There is POWER in the thoughts we have and I have been witness to people doing GREAT things when they channel their inner thoughts into accepting, believing and living their dreams being true.

WOW…that is a lot to digest. I sat with these thoughts of mine for a little bit and I’ve come to the decision that in 2017 I will embrace my destiny of greatness. I will continue to nurture my well being by being proactive in my emotional, spiritual and physical self.

To me this means nourishment of each area; good food, vitamins, doTERRA essential oils, spiritual exploration, furthering my relationship with God and continuing to workout and exercise my body.

This year I am creating a tribe of people who are interested in expanding their own possibilities of greatness! People who are intent on setting their goals high and knowing that God will provide for them in order to achieve.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey, keep in touch here with a comment or on Facebook where I’ll be doing Lives often.

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4 Responses

  1. I love your blog. I haven’t read it in awhile but I plan on reading it more. Thanks for sharing your personal story

  2. Fear and self-doubt has always been a personal enemy for all of us. What we don’t believe, we don’t achieve. The movers and shakers in the world have conquered fear, that’s the difference between them and the rest of us. They fear nothing.

  3. Good morning Julie,

    I came across your blog in my continual search for help to stop drinking wine every night. I drink about a half bottle every night, occasionally taking a few nights off. I am almost 51, married, 4 children (3 teens, 1 off in college) and work full time in a busy hospital. My husband is never around because he started his own company. I keep given the above as “excuses” to “deal” with the stressors in my life. I really want to stop more than anything and your blog seems to call out to me. I too am looking for a “tribe” who prioritizes a life lived intentionally. Thank you for sharing your story and good advice.

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