Help Me Change The World By Sharing This Video Of Hope – Alcoholism from “Awful” to “Brave”

Crying Out Now is a site I found early in my recovery, it’s one that I’m grateful for every day.

“Crying Out Now is a community of women speaking about addiction and recovery – telling their truths, breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding addiction – One Story at a Time.”

Reading posts from people about their own journeys strikes a chord in me, reminding me there is hope…..

Ellie is the founder of Crying Out Now and she’s intent to remove the stigma from Alcoholism, she is someone I’ve become fast friends with! Not only is she beautiful, intelligent but we share the same life goal.

To further this effort she put a call out to women in recovery, asking them to provide a photo to provide hope to the WORLD that we can beat alcoholism. I’m honored to be included in this video and hopefully there will be someone who can see that life is worth fighting for.

Please SHARE this video, please push it forward so that it can reach the person suffering in the dark.



We CAN change the WORLD!


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11 Responses

  1. Very powerful, Julie! I’ve seen what addiction can do to people, and it is so heart-warming to see all these faces who have been freed. xox

  2. I sit here on my 60th day sober and cry happy tears watching this video. Maybe by this time next year I will be up to joining in :) I read about Crying Out Now in Redbook over a year ago now…it started me on a long journey trying to get sober.

  3. Such a powerful video. Thank you for sharing this and for continuing to share your story with us too Julie. It’s amazing how a person can share their own personal stories and at the same time be the voice of many – many you have not yet found their voice.

  4. What a moving video. So many stories of success… one day at a time. I have shared this great message of hope and possibility not only for the future but for the now.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. Julie: I just wanted to let you know again that you are all that and a bag of chips. We are all better for having known you. This is a great video. Your blog is fantastic! Thanks for being such a strong woman and what a great message you spread! Hugs!

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