Spring weather brings out rockstars and princesses

Here in Suburbia, Ontario, Canada we get proper Winters. When I say proper I mean from November – April it’s cold and generally snowy. Because of this when we notice the white stuff beginning to melt  many of us here experience a strange feeling of pent up excitement.
This feeling had hit the little people in my house a few weeks ago and the kids enjoyed the one warm day with a great Canadian past time, road hockey!
Upon waking the following morning we were greeted with snow again.
Today however Spring has truly come, the warm sun is accompanied by a warm breeze and my hostas are beginning to peek out of the soil.
Hubby was at a friends house fixing the brakes on his SUV so the girls and I decided to enjoy the weather with a walk.
Miss Coco Bean was super excited to hear the W word spoken and immediately began tearing around the house, leaping furniture like a deer emitting a whining sound at an uncomfortable level.
Have you any idea what a bloody ordeal it is to get these two girls out on a simple walk?
I kid you not it was 20 minutes that Miss Coco Bean and I waited while they dressed for the event.
20 minutes of a impatient Boxer whining and “talking” at me.
Finally they were dressed.
The Rockstar took the lead
 (seriously if you knew how long she searched for sunglasses you’d understand Coco’s panting face.)
And we were off!
Princess Chelsea had chosen to go with a lovely Pink Camouflage shirt with the warning message “Drama Queen” printed boldly on the chest.
Yeah like the Disney hair piece and bubble gum pink boots wouldn’t have given that away.

We enjoyed a 5 minute walk before we had to stop for a rest, trying to keep it upbeat and positive I decided this was the perfect opportunity to snap a picture of my two lovely daughters with their awesome dog.
Look how happy they look.
(This took 7 attempts, eyes were closed, little sister couldn’t get onto the fence, big sister got angry, there was a headlock involved…) 
We walked for about 15 minutes, I personally chose to focus on the sun and enjoy the day.
After the girls gave up trying to annoy one another they began noticing the new plants emerging from gardens and buds on the trees. 
The discussion revolved around the changes and new life which accompanies Spring. 

It was a simple outing, the preparation of the attire actually took longer than the event.
But it was special, it was something we’d been waiting for months to do.
How many people can say that they went for a walk with a Rockstar, a Princess and their dog on a fine Spring day?

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  1. JULIE!So much of this I relate to, as a resident of MN where WE DO COLD BABY!!!And ohhhhhhhhhhh,, your baby – a fawn right? Georgous!!! As you know, our guys don't have the greatest endurance for life-span longevity,, that said, as my guy creeps up toward the ten year mark, I'm PLEADING with my husband to get a puppy NOW, so there's a four-legged-pawed canine living here when…. ,, ,,, , , well, YOU know!Oh, and the girls! puulleeeaassee – have two of them as well – ones' a rock star, the other, a throwback from the 60's – a real grannola girl; groovy, that one:) YOU have a stunning sunday~d

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