Bring the Family to Bingemans Park This Summer – 4 Pass Giveaway

As a girl my family didn’t really travel to theme parks much, simply because my Dad played cricket every weekend so we were already booked. I can recall begging to go do something else, to be like other families who went to local beaches and theme parks…alas my cries of outrage were pointless because my father was committed to being a member of the team.

One of my very good friends, Darlene was fortunate enough to live the weekend life that I dreamt of. Her family had a trailer at Bingemans Park in Kitchener, Ontario. I was invited to join her family for a weekend at the trailer and had NO idea how amazing Bingemans Park was. As we arrived, we drove past a wave pool, go karts and a mini-put and I swear my eyes were glued to the car window. That was one of my favourite weekends as a girl.

Bingemans Park is alive and kicking, many years later. They’ve weathered the years since I was a child, becoming the place families want to visit in the Waterloo, Ontario region. I’m so excited to be heading there with our family to enjoy spending 3 nights in a yurt rental…yes a YURT my friends. Bingemans Park has a variety of styles of accommodations and camping possibilities, head to the Bingemans Park website to see them all.

Bingemans Big Splash Waterpark

In its 76th year of operation, Bingemans Big Splash Waterpark is opening for the season!!!


The wave pool of my childhood has morphed into a massive waterpark featuring 11 huge waterslides including the Boomerango, Cyclone & The Pipe plus the wave pool & Spray &Play. My kids are going to go CRAZY for this place.

Located beside the waterpark is the newest additions to Bingemans, the Kingpin Bowlounge, which contains 28 state-of-the-art bowling lanes & Boston Pizza, making it the perfect spot to take a break in between the waterpark fun.

About Bingemans

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Bingemans owns and operates a catering service, a conference centre, a camping resort, an amusement park and the newest addition to the family – the Kingpin Bowlounge & Boston Pizza. The Kingpin Bowlounge features 28 state of the art 10 pin bowling lanes and is the most unique entertainment venue in the Waterloo Region.

In addition to bowling, the Boston Pizza, located inside the Kingpin Bowlounge, has thelargest outdoor patio in the Waterloo Region and is located just steps awayfrom the Big Splash waterpark and other Bingemans attractions. For more information, visit

Win 4 Passes to Bingemans Big Splash Waterpark

We are looking forward to our stay and will share our experience during our stay via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, the wonderful folks at Bingemans have given me 4 Passes to Bingemans Big Splash Waterpark to giveaway to one lucky Canadian reader.

To enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. A winner will be drawn July 9th and have 48 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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69 Responses

  1. I’d bring my youngest nieces and nephew! We’d have an awesome day splashing around! I relish getting the favourite Auntie title!

  2. I would take my 3.5 year old son and his best buddy James along with James’ mom, also my bf! That would be an awesome outting for moms and sons!

  3. Have a weekend that is not filled in August…great getaway with the family :) thanks for the chance !!

  4. My husband, 3 daughters and myself would go. We would relish a family vacation!!!!!! Sounds like an absolute blast.

  5. I would give to my niece and nephew and let them bring a friend, these two kids are very well behaved and are not entitled like so many kids today, they come from a split home and have overcome allot of challenges in their short lives. Bingeman is a great part if my childhood and would be nice if it was part of theirs

    1. I would love to surprise my sweet hubby and little boys (ages 9 and 4) with some fun family time here!

  6. ******We are a family of 3 so myself,hubby and my son but I’m sure my son would like to bring his new girlfriend:)******

  7. I would take my hubby and my 2 girls – and invite one of my best friends with her hubby & 6 kids to meet up there (1/2 way point between our/her house).

  8. I would love to meet up with my sister-in-law who lives in the Waterloo region and has been to Bingemans and bragged about it for yeats!!

  9. I would love to take my kids. Due to layoffs, money is tight this summer, and I cannot afford to do most of the things I do with my kids.

  10. I will take my 8 years old twins as they both love the water. I will also ask my dad to come have some fun with the grandchildren! Great prize to win!

  11. Id probably give the passes to my daughter so she could go with 3 of her girlfriends

  12. My 5 yr old daughter is a bit of a thrill seeker and would love this place. …as i did growing up going here!

  13. I’ve never been to Bingeman’s but it sounds amazing – would love to bring my family this summer!

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