Blood Clots – The Silent Killer

Motivated MondayIn January I committed to losing weight and documenting it all here with Motivated Mondays posts. The weight loss has been going well, I’ve lost 28 pounds so far but the biggest benefit I’ve gained is my focus upon health in general. By beginning this journey and becoming aware of making healthy food decisions something within me has woken up. I now take vitamins daily, thankfully I found Adult Essentials Gummy vitamins which are the first I actually enjoy.

I’ve also been trying to move more, to increase my activity and get moving. I can’t go “work out” for hours or head out for a 5K jog but any movement is better than none. After the Easter weekend we’ve had I want to shout out to everyone to GET MOVING!!

dad1This weekend my Dad was rushed to hospital. To make a very long story short, he has Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), blood clots in his thigh which has led to dual pulmonary emblous (blood clots in lungs).

DVT is the formation of a blood clot within deep veins, those in the lower limbs, resulting in partial or complete blockage of blood flow in the vein. The condition can be resolved if it is recognized and treated properly. However, it can be fatal if the clot breaks off, travels to the lungs, and causes a pulmonary embolism.

My Dad’s clot did indeed break apart and he has 1 clot in each lung. On Friday night when I arrived at the hospital after receiving a call to inform me that he’d been taken in, it was a shock to see the state my father was in. His pallor was grey, his breathing ragged and every breath was causing him overwhelming pain.

How did this happen? Listen, my father is almost 70 and has fought prostate cancer, has minor COPD but his general health had been good. This was a sudden situation, his leg had been irritated the week before and the doctor had ordered an ultrasound…..but how does DVT develop?

Sitting immobile for long periods is one of many contributing causes of DVT. When you are stationary, your heart has to overcome gravity in order to keep the blood circulating normally.

After long periods of immobility, particularly in the sitting position, deep veins can become compressed, narrowed or blocked, making it more difficult for the blood to travel back to the heart and causing it to become trapped in the feet or the legs. Subsequently, the blood clot starts circulating and can move up to critical organs such as the lungs.

My Dad has been retired for a few years now, he enjoys golf in the summer but in the winter generally he’s inside. He enjoys sitting at the computer keeping up with his sports and chatting with friends around the world….this sitting has certainly been a factor in his diagnosis.

Thankfully my Dad’s blood clots have been detected and with meds hopefully they will be broken down and absorbed by the body. He will have further scarring on his lungs, we will have to wait to see the true result but it could have been so much worse.Right now I’m thankful he’s being given pain medication and can simply sit comfortably, we don’t know the long-term effects yet but are focusing upon the short-term gifts. Isn’t it sad when you consider a man being able to sit up in a chair in the hospital a gift?

As I sat with him on Good Friday night I was slapped in the face, watching him in excruciating pain with each breath reminded me how fortunate we are to breath comfortably. The magnitude of the situation was horrifying, what began as discomfort in his leg had become life-threatening so quickly!

Today I’m reminding everyone who works at a desk, is taking a long flight, drives for a living or just sits for long periods……GET UP AND MOVE!!!

Take 10 minutes for each hour and move around. Change your position….it really could save your life.


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  1. I really feel for you. I have been dealing with my dads health lately and it is so hard. I know I need to get up and moving more myself. Hugs to you . I hope your dad has a speedy recovery

  2. My dad was rushed to ER as well on Friday. He suffered a massive heart attack. He will need surgery but we won’t know until Tuesday. Either open heart or double bypass but we’re hoping for a stint.
    I myself have suffered to TIA’s (mini strokes) from the birth control pill so this post hits me especially and I have to take my health into serious account.
    My dad is not over weight, he doesn’t smoke or drink. It’s gene’s and I’m predisposed to it. Great post Julie.
    I hope your dad is better and my thoughts are with you.

  3. Yes, it will save your life.

    My father was 58 years old and died suddenly while mowing the lawn. He had just retired on Thursday and it was a nice sunny Saturday morning. After he collapsed, a neighbour attempted CPR until the ambulance got there. My mom was out grocery shopping.

    Due to the nature of his death, they did an autopsy. The coroner found a blood clot that had gotten stuck in his heart causing a massive heart attack. They said he would have died instantly and the CPR that was attempted wouldn’t have done any good. We’re still very thankful to my Mom’s neighbour for doing their best to help my Dad.

    My father was an accountant and did a lot of sitting. Had be been a bit more active, this may have helped. It’s hard to know because we didn’t get any warning signs.

    Please get up and move! You just never know.

    1. Wendy thank you so much for sharing your Dad’s story, I had no idea how quickly this can occur. Even though my father had many risk factors it had never crossed my mind.

  4. Im glad your dad is doing well! That is scary!

    And I’m glad that you can see the importance of being active through all of this!

  5. Glad to hear your father is doing a bit better Julie. It is so scary to see your parents ill. And I too need to get up and move more. Trying to change my ways starting today. Played Just Dance 3 for half an hour this morning and had a good sweat.

  6. Oh my gosh! So sorry your father has had to go through all that. It’s so important to get up and move as you say. Such a shame that sometimes we need a wake up call of such dramatic measures. My best to your whole family Julie!

  7. As lots of you know, I survived PE in both lungs and lost the lower lobe of one of my lungs. This was due to large clots in both of my lungs as well. It’s very painful and every doctor I have seen since has told me that I am very lucky to be here, that I shouldn’t be here.

    I take every day I have as a blessing.

    We don’t realize that every breath we take is one.

    The tips I can add to Julie’s is that if you are travelling for long periods of time, get up once or twice to stretch and move. Don’t cross your legs for long periods of times. I got PE by my contraceptive and if it’s okay (Julie you can remove it if it’s not) you can read more about it on my page.


    Anyway, I wish you and your family the best Julie–it’s rough to go through PE when something as natural as breathing is so difficult. You are in my prayers always.

  8. Very wise words! Blood clots are not something most people think of being something that could happen to them – but it is more common that you think!

    I hope your dad’s recovery is speedy!

  9. Oh dear, that is so scary! Thank you for educating us a bit about blood clots! My Dad goes for surgery next week and I’ve heard to prevent blood clots, he should circle his ankles lots and lots before surgery.

  10. I was following along with you on FB this weekend Julie and I am so glad to hear your dad’s clots have been detected and a they are now doing everything the can for him!

    Thanks for sharing this very important information! And sending my best wishes to you and your family! xx

  11. Such great advice. I was doing good with losing weight. Then I went back to some bad habits. Now I need to get back into it. I’ve started the path. We go swimming 2 times a week and to a family gym 2 other days of the week.

  12. Thanks for sharing the story of your dad and for the reminder.Your dad was in my prayer hope he will be doing great now.

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