Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System Day 12

It’s been 12 days since I began a 30 Day Weight Loss Cleanse with Isagenix and I’m alive and kicking! On Day 1 I announced here on that I was beginning and that this is NOT a sponsored post. This is something I want to do for myself to improve my health and get past the plateau I had been on.

Well buh-bye plateau! I have lost 12 pounds in 12 days and am feeling so much better.

After living with injuries and chronic pain from a car accident, my biggest hope was that my body would begin to feel better. That my constant aches and pains, my sleepless nights and headaches would improve.

When one lives with chronic health issues it’s often difficult to be aware of any changes in how you’re feeling. You become so enmeshed in just getting over the pain that you don’t always realize when it’s there until it’s so bad you need to rest. This was a daily thing for me; by mid afternoon I would usually need a good rest in order to regroup and reenergize for the evening.

This is no wee thing, it’s a pain in the ass on all levels. My kids and husband felt the brunt as I’d leave them doing activities to rest…feeling as though I was missing something.

All of that has changed in the past 12 days! Now I don’t need the naps, I’m sleeping better at night and my body just feels better overall.

Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System

It occurred to me that I haven’t told you all there is to know about the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System, so please do allow me to do that.

When you receive the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System it includes:

Isagenix 30 day cleanse


After reading the materials provided I realized there is a set schedule where you have 26 Shake Days and 4 Cleanse Days. It’s all laid out clearly in the documents and the folks at Isagenix are available 24/7 online or by phone to answer any questions.

I happen to have a great coach Tammy who helped me to choose my own schedule.

What a Shake Day Looks Like on Isagenix

The first 2 days were Shake Days, I had IsaLean Shakes for breakfast and lunch, IsaSnacks through the day, 30ml Ionix Supreme, 2 Natural Accelerators, lots of water and a 400-600 calorie meal for supper.

IsaLean Shakes come in 3 flavours, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla or Black Sesame. In my pack I ordered 1 canister of the vanilla and 1 of the chocolate. After trying both individually, I found that I actually like to combine them. Now when I make my shakes I use one scoop of each, a bit of ice and 8 oz of water.

isagenix isalean shake

To be completely honest it felt weird using power from a package in a shake but after reading the IsaLean Shake Ingredients I felt more secure.

IsaLean shakes are designed to help burn fat and build lean muscle, they are made with hormone-free, antibiotic-free undenatured protein, low-glycemic carbs and healthy fats to reduce your caloric intake without depriving your body of much needed nutrition. 

These shake days were actually quite easy for me as I hadn’t been eating enough throughout the daytime hours before Isagenix so I actually was quite full and had loads of energy and the shakes are delicious.

Dinners for me are our typical dinners, for months now I’ve made myself 400-600 calorie meals and I’ve been keeping up my 85% Paleo lifestyle.

dinners on isagenix

What a Cleanse Day Looks Like on Isagenix

For 4 days this month I have had to avoid my friends delicious looking Instagram feeds as I only ingested 4 servings of Cleanse for Life, IsaSnacks, Ionix Supreme and 2 Natural Accelerators.

Cleanse days are designed to give the liver a break and for your body to eliminate toxins. On my first day I experienced a queasy tummy and a headache but I persevered because I knew it was the release of the toxins I was feeling and by day 2 of my cleansing I felt better.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 10.42.27 AM

Cleanse for life tastes like a concentrated fruit punch and has no artificial colours or flavours, this synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and botanicals nourishes your body’s systems to help boost metabolism and energy levels. 

Overall Thoughts so Far

When I purchased this kit I knew it would be difficult. I am a total foodie and miss holding any foods I desire in my hands and crunching away without much thought. The fact is those behaviours are what made me unhealthy.

The Isagenix products aren’t always delicious, to me the Ionix Supreme has a harsh flavour (hubby loves it) and the Cleanse for Life isn’t exactly a steak but oh the products work!



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16 Responses

  1. Your looking great!! I’ve just started Skinny Fibre, but I don’t think it’s working out to well, I just don’t feel any change at all

  2. This is a great post!
    I feel like I almost want to try it but, I know I would fail because I just can’t follow through. Also, I have a husband who WON’T participate in these kinds of things. This basically means I’ll be cooking all the things I won’t be able to eat. He’s incredibly finicky and well… FAIL.

    I love your story, and that you’re sticking to it. Keep up all the wonderful work.

  3. Most people need some type of cleanse to get started on weight loss. It’s great to see a blog like yours contributing to this type of audience. You have carved out a nice little niche of healthy living with your sobriety angle. Nice work.

  4. Your meals look really tasty! It’s nice to hear that the program is making you feel great and not awful, as I always hear that as the reason that a person gets derailed from the program.

  5. What everyone wants to know… well maybe just myself… whats it cost? the 30 day fat cleanse kit pictured. No links, no videos, etc. Just plain & simple how much cash does one need to plunk down? Can you purchase just the fat cleanse? Or do you need to go on a maintenance program contract? (Like BodyByVi bascially committing to bags of protein shakes for months at a time)

  6. I’m so happy for and proud of you! Great job – keep it up! My handsome hubby, Tony, and I are also doing Isagenix. I’m down 17 lbs (yeah!) and he’s lost over 25 lbs. So far it’s just been 2 shakes a day and healthy eating for me. Today is my first cleanse day. I’m hungry, but not enough to make me cheat. There’s a skinny me inside who wants the unnecessary extra me to go away so that she can come out. ;-)
    Go Julie!!! Keep up the progress reports, too.

  7. You are such an inspiration to someone like me that is trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

  8. Just curious at what you did after the 30 days? I am on day 2 and after my 30 plan on just doing a is a lean shale in the morning and a healthy lunch and supper. What are your thought? How has it been since this was posted in August? It’s always a concern to gain weight again. I’m hoping to lose 10 plus pounds in 30 days and then I will have about 10 more till I reach my first goal. Thanks for your input:)

  9. Way to go on choosing the Isagenix system, it has helped not only me but also other members of my family really get energized and slimmed down. I can totally relate to your feelings of being a foodie and not wanting your meals to come from a package. Its just so hard to make three meals a day all balance with the nutrition and calories you need. Having two shakes a day reduces the effort of eating right and makes my ‘real food’ meal so worth it!

  10. My mom has been doing the 30 Day kit. She’s down 20.2 lbs. my concern is that especially with comments I’ve read saying people lost so much this first week with cleansing that it seems like it’s just water weight you are loosing. It seems to be working for my mother and A few others but I’m hesitant to think only having some juice and eating a 1/4 of an apple or pear on these cleanse days are safe. Especially when I’ve read people have gotten light headed, nauseous etc. I’m looking for unbiased reviews from people who are not sellers of this product to get more real answers

    1. Well I’m on day 13 and haven’t lost a millimetre. I have followed it to the letter. I felt quite good after the cleanse day but don’t appear to have lost weight. I’m really missing my highfibre breakfast cereals and on day 31 will celebrate survival with a gin and tonic. I have an under active thyroid so not sure this is the best way for me to reduce weight. On the positive side it has encouraged discipline and I shal hopefully carry that through. AND I might lose the weight in the latter half of the program

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