Make the Promise to END Distracted Driving #CAAfocus

Four and a half years ago my life changed because of a car accident. I now live with a brain injury and chronic pain/migraines which have touched every aspect of my life. Over the years since the accident I’ve struggled and fought to establish a new “me” and way of life. Thankfully I now have a very happy life but it has been a challenge for both myself and my loved ones.

Before the accident I couldn’t have truly known the pain and suffering that comes from injuries and personal changes resulting from one. I had driven for 20 years without understanding the magnitude of the risks associated with driving and I really hope my friends and family never have to experience it as I did but have a healthy respect for the dangers.

During the warmer months of the year here in Ontario we tend to take the lovely driving conditions for granted. In the Winter before heading out we check the road conditions and I find myself mentally preparing for the risks on the road. Because of my car accident I think I am more aware of risks than the average bear and this extends to the summer months.

As technology has grown so have distractions while driving. Both in the Winter and the Summer one of the most common causes of collisions is distracted driving which is shocking because it’s avoidable.

If you’ve ever driven with children in the car, I’m sure you’ve been distracted like I have. When the kids were younger they’d yell for me to “look” at something fantastic or change a DVD they are watching and I’d always turn my head to comply. These days I don’t placate them the same way, the rule is the driver’s eyes stay on the road at all times and the kids will just have to wait until the car stops.

While this is frustrating for them, it only takes a split-second for me to lose focus on the road or what my vehicle is doing. I refuse to risk that and will deal with the whining.

All too often I can see distracted drivers on the road, people crossing over into the next lane; people chatting on phones; doing their hair or makeup and I even saw a woman making a sandwich at the wheel once!

Make the Promise to END Distracted Driving

Today I am asking you all to join me in making a promise to focus on the road and help end distracted driving! You can make the promise  on the CAA website and share it with friends and family by social media or email!


Together we can end distracted driving collisions and truly make a difference, let’s let the world know that we refuse to accept it!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your accident. Thanks for sharing your experience and bringing a different perspective. As you say, you don’t have to get into accidents to understand distracted driving. You mentioned children but adults can be serious distraction as well. There is actually a term for adults constantly interfering with the driver and trying to micro manage him/her. They are called “backseat drivers”. If you are concerned about the way your partner or child drives you can gently let them know or have a talk with them afterwards. But generally, couples get into heated arguments on this issue while they are driving.

    Texting is another issue and I was thinking that it may be one of the biggest distractions. However, a recent survey suggest that day dreaming is the biggest distraction. People’s minds can travel miles away and lost in a different world when they have a serious job in hand. Lack of sleep and driving long hours can increase this condition. Therefore, you should sleep well and take regular breaks when you are driving long distance.

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