CAA Blogger Shopping Challenge – Final Update

Week #5 of the CAA Blogger Challenge has come to a close and this will be my final post. It’s somewhat sad to see this challenge come to an end, not only because I’ve been able to spend $2500 but because I have enjoyed figuring out the best ways to save at CAA Partner locations.

For the past 5 weeks Extreme Couponing Mom and I have each been using a CAA No-Fee MasterCard with a limit of $2500 to shop at the CAA partner stores and blog about our experiences. The first blogger to save enough money with their CAA membership to cover the cost of a new CAA Plus membership + Plus Associate membership (totaling $209.05) will receive an East Side Mario’s OR Husky Gift Certificate worth $100!

caa Blogger challenge

I’m horrible with numbers these days so thankfully my husband has been keeping close track of what we have been spending. This will be my last post because we’ve done our job and spent the allotted money.

With a little over $600 to spend what’s a girl to do but return to her favourite two spending locations; The GAP Factory Store and Banana Republic Factory Store.

The GAP Factory Store

Oh hello again all of your gorgeous clothes, I’ve missed you so much over the past 3 weeks since I’ve visited last. In case you missed my last outing to The GAP Factory Store where I managed to save over $138 in store sales and CAA member discounts, feel free to take a moment and read all about it HERE.

Today’s shopping experience was very different than out last outing, this time we brought the children along! With two girls who have VERY different taste we played it safe and split up in the store. My youngest went into the Men’s department to help Daddy choose some goodies while I went with my not-so-girlie-girl into the girls section.

I honestly expected Syd to guide me over to the boys dept. in her usual way but she actually took her time and found quite a few items in the girls department. She even chose a bathing suit which almost had me flat on my butt with surprise; this is the girl who has worn boys swim trunks and a rash guard for YEARS!

I was so happy that I hugged her right there in the store….which apparently isn’t cool anymore….

Once Sydney was happy with the clothing she had chosen my husband and I traded children. He went to the change room with Syd while Miss Chelsea went in search of everything that sparkled.

Shopping with Chelsea is a treat, honestly it takes patience but oh how she loves fabrics, colours and can this girl drag out a decision! With arms filled with clothing I went into a change room with my youngest. NO way was she going in alone, we would be there all day!

In the end both kids and my husband had chosen loads of clothing which fit into our budget, now it was my turn. Frankly I’d bought so many clothes for myself at our first outing that I selected a few things and was satisfied.


We purchased 27 pieces of clothing which is seriously exciting for out little family. We stood watching the total rise feeling a bit strange but then the discounts came….in store discounts as well as the 10% off for showing our CAA membership card.

GAP Regular Price without discounts: $682.71

GAP Price after Sale discounts applied: $314.45 (Tax = $34.92)

GAP Price after Sale Discounts and CAA Member Show Your Card and Save Discount$ 403.18

With this purchase, by using my CAA membership card at this CAA Partner I’ve saved $40.92

The girls just love their new bathing suits!

GAP bathing suits

Miss Chelsea requested I show you all some of her outfits, she simply loved giving a wee fashion show.

Chelsea GAP

Our GAP Factory Store shopping spree was amazing, by looking for the in-store sales and using our CAA membership discount we managed to get HUGE bang for the buck.

Banana Republic Factory Store Savings With CAA

On my previous shopping trip to Banana Republic Factory Store I found two gorgeous strapless maxi dresses which I adore. I’ve worn them and found that I felt a bit chilly at night and wanted a little white sweater to slip on if the weather is cooler so I sent the family off to eat while I quickly took a look at Banana Republic Factory Store.

Sure enough I found the perfect little white sweater and also found a few more items like the ultimate long white tank top, a sleeveless blouse, some shorts and super-cute jean capris. All of which were on sale within the store and once again I used my CAA membership for another 10% off.

BR CAA Savings total

GAP Regular Price without discounts: $166.96

GAP Price after Sale discounts applied: $101.96 (Tax = $34.92)

GAP Price after Sale Discounts and CAA Member Show Your Card and Save Discount$ 91.76

With this purchase, by using my CAA membership card at this CAA Partner I’ve saved $10.20



Canada’s Wonderland Savings with CAA

The very last thing we are buying to reach our spending goal is a day pass for the family to go to Canada’s Wonderland from our CAA store. With out CAA membership we get 15% off of regularly priced tickets which will make for a FAB family day.

We find that Wonderland works out well for us, Hubby and Syd hit the big rides while Chelsea and I prefer the little ones. She’s getting so big now that I can’t even go onto all of her favourites anymore…sniff.

CAA Blogger Shopping Challenge Summary

Participating in the CAA Blogger Shopping Challenge has been an honour. My family has benefitted from it immensely with wonderful memories and some HAWT gear. I’ve learned so much, now I’m confident that I know where my CAA membership can get me savings on products and services I use.

How about you, have you enjoyed our updates? Were you aware of the savings potential of a CAA membership?







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  1. Julie,
    Thanks for reminding us that CAA has more perks than just roadside assistance and cheaper vehicle insurance. I forget to look up the discounts available but after following your shopping spree I’ll be sure to check more often!

  2. Amazing Julie, I must say this challenge was so much fun and I too was so grateful to be given the opportunity! It was great following your family’s savings & stories and getting to know you via the web (too bad we didn’t meet up in the falls … one day .. one day!) My youngest got the same blue dressy tank your little one got in the picture up there, isn’t it the cutest? Maybe just maybe we can plan our Canada’s Wonderland trip on the same day? We have two-day passes so we will be going twice, let me know when you plan on going and I will convince the better half to go that day too :D

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