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3 Years Sober Today!!! My Sober Friends Statements of Gratitude

Today I am celebrating a marker, today is the day which marks my sobriety date. I’m now 3 years sober and believe me when I say a different person because of it. Sobriety has given me freedom, hope and a chance to get to know myself without a crutch or the safety of a mask to hide behind.

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To honour this auspicious occasion I’ve asked some of my sober sisters to share with us a statement of what sobriety has meant to them.

May these words from Sober Women bring hope to those needing it.

“I’m grateful to be present for my kids when their needs arise. Grateful to share the coping skills I’ve learned in recovery so they will have an arsenal to deal with life’s upsets. And grateful in the knowledge that I’ve not harmed my body or self in any way today, but have honored my God in being in a state of health, both spiritual and physical.” ~ Lissa

“I’m grateful that I can be real in every circumstance and with every person. I was such a shape-shifter when I was drinking, and its such freedom to know I don’t have to be anyone but myself anymore. (I’m grateful for so many things, but for some reason this one is at the top of my mind today).” ~ Ellie from Crying Out Now

“The top of my list today is the freedom I feel in the choices I make, the things i do…I know that if I can stay aligned with my higher self that I will make the right choices every day, and the first one is ALWAYS not to drink today!” ~ Michele

“I’m grateful for my sobriety because more than just being sober, it’s allowed me to be of service in a way I never imagined possible. That helps keep me sober and makes me feel truly amazing.” ~ Andrea at yourkickasslife.com

“I’m grateful to be a sober mom and when I make mistakes with my boys I can admit my wrongs and make whatever corrective action needed. I’m grateful for my sober life. I wasn’t a functioning alcoholic and everything I am and everything I’ve done is because of sobriety. I’m grateful for not having to drink today and a relationship with my higher power that continues to grow since I water it daily. I’m grateful I can be of service and add to life today.” ~ Libby

“I am grateful for my sobriety because today I finish what I start  AND I am capable of starting much more than while drinking. I love the term shape-shifter! I was one too! I spent many years compromising my standards and allowing people to treat me how THEY wanted, NOT how I deserve to be treated.” ~ Lisa

“I truly am grateful to find the real me. I never knew who I was while I was drinking. I only knew what I thought other people wanted me to be. I can now be my authentic self.” ~ Angel

“I am grateful the joy and freedom I have found in sobriety.I put a good show on when I was drinking, but inside I was a mess. I used wake up and look in the mirror and despise the person that I saw. I felt like I was in a prison of my on making with no way to get out. Today, I smile from my heart and laugh from my toes and I’m so happy to finally be the real me. I am also grateful for the amazing, courageous people I have met in sobriety.” ~ Amanda

“I am grateful for my sobriety because my life is amazingly simplified. I am relieved, awestruck and present. My sense of self is deepened and enriched. I am doing this; I feel quite giddy about it.” Anonymous

“I am grateful for my sobriety because the chaos has passed, peace lives here, and I can now be that person my daughter thought I was. And the one I left behind so many years ago.”

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  1. When I saw this post, I smiled. I see a strong, powerful woman full of passion and joy!

    A young girl in Al-Anon meeting last night wanted to understand how recovery has helped us find our passions in life. I was struck hard with memories of what it used to be like living in my world… and what it is like today. I feared that letting go of the drama and control (the illusion of control) would make me a boring person and leave me with nothing. Perfectionism leaves no room for passion.

    But exactly the opposite is true. Because I have shifted the focus to myself, I know exactly what I am passionate about. And like the Runaway Bride, I know how I like my eggs.

  2. I’ve tried to quit smoking without much success… yet. I commend you Julie, and all of the strong women that have posted here, on your commitment to sobriety and changing your lives for the better. It takes a much bigger person to quit something than it does to keep doing it, you are inspiring!

  3. Congratulations Julie. I commented on you FB post last night & I would like to again. The road is not always an easy one. My Mom is 30+ years sober & I know that it was a struggle for her at times but she has made it through (not even communion wine). Unfortunately she lost friends along the way who didn’t understand that “No, I can’t have JUST 1 glass of wine” but she has also made new friends along the way.

    Here’s to many more sober birthdays for you!

  4. Congratulations my sober sista! Three years feels great doesn’t it! I am grateful for each day of sobriety, and I am grateful for awesome sober women like you! Keep walking the walk girl! And I must get a copy of “mocktails”!

  5. A BIG happy birthday to you! I find the new “trip” in my life is living clean! So excited for you!

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