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If you’re anything like our family, you enjoy travelling. Right this very minute we are on a cruise boat on our way to the Bahamas! I caught the travel bug early in life, as a child my Father was on a touring cricket team and we were often packing up and heading to warmer locations. Before I reached the age of 10 I had travelled most of the Southern states in the US, all over Jamaica and England.

One of the things which I’ve learned about travelling is the importance of having travel insurance. It’s such a dry topic for some, perhaps you’re a person who thinks nothing will ever happen to you and can’t see the need to purchase travel insurance? Well, give me a few moments here and allow me to share a story when I was travelling and we didn’t have travel insurance, it may change your mind.

When I was 18, my Mum and I went to Mexico together to have a week at an all-inclusive resort…some serious girl time in the sun! We were having a wonderful time relaxing in the sun for the first 3 days but on the 4th day my Mum awoke looking grey and unable to get out of bed. For the whole day she was very ill, I was frightened and finally went for help at the front desk.

The only choice I had was to have a local doctor come in and check on her. The fee for this visit was $500 US dollars which I didn’t have on me. I raced back to the room to ask my Mum what we should do but she was essentially incoherent. Thankfully I found her Visa card in her wallet, I raced back to the front desk and they arranged to have the doctor visit.

I went back to our hotel room and began bathing my Mum’s head in cool cloths as I waited for the doctor. He arrived with the lady from the front desk approximately an hour later. The doctor didn’t speak English, I was stressed and scared to death so the next 15 minutes are a blur. The next thing I knew I saw the doctor pull out a HUGE needle which he gave to my Mum, the lady from the hotel explained that this was medicine that would help her recover.

By the next day my Mum was up and moving slowly around. She was aghast to read her bill, apparently it was upwards of $1500 USD for the 20 minute visit. If we’d had travel insurance this would have cost us nothing, these days I don’t take chances when travelling because it’s not worth it.

CAA Travel Insurance



If you are planning a last minute March break holiday or any kind of trip, I implore you to check out CAA Travel Insurance, the coverage is a solid package at a reasonable price.  There is nothing like being caught unprepared in the event of an emergency or illness to bring home the importance of it.

CAA Travel Insurance takes the worries off us while we’re vacationing. They have choices for people who are travelling one time or for those folks who travel multiple times a year.

Wouldn’t it be horrible to be one of those people you hear about whose lives are forever changed because they got sick or had an accident while on holiday because they didn’t have travel insurance?

For more information on CAA Travel Insurance, go to their website or follow them onTwitter and Facebook.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the CAA Travel Insurance program. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I would go anywhere warm!!! Hot!! Sunny!!! As long as there was no cold I would be happy!! Mexico would be nice!!

  2. I would like to take my daughter and Mum to England. My Mum was born there and moved to Canada when she married my Father. Sara and I have never been and there are so many cousins that we have never met.

  3. After the winter we’ve had in the Niagara region, anyplace warm would be nice! My dream trip would be to Hawaii.

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