Fall has officially arrived here in suburbia Ontario! We mark the event each year by attending the Downtown Halloween celebrations. The local business association puts this celebration on each year, the stores hold Trick or Treating for children who are dressed in costume.

So Saturday morning came and the girls excitement level hit the roof! Who can blame them, they’d had their costumes for a few weeks and hadn’t been able to wear them.  We have a firm DO NOT TOUCH rule after having costumes ruined in the past before the big day. The girls LOVE being able to wear their costumes twice each year.


There they are, a skeleton girl and the cutest Dorothy who doesn’t really know what the Wizard of Oz is…we’ll be watching that movie before Halloween!


We met up with friends and their daughter and the race was on! They ran from store to store while the 4 parents strolled along sipping coffees and attempted to snap photos.


I did manage to get one, yes just one really great shot between the chattering of my teeth on this cold day, I love this photos of Chelsea.


The town really went all out, there were decorations, bands playing on the street, face painting, Farmer’s Markets and much more. Here are the children guessing the # of eyeballs in a jar.


Once the goodie bags were full and the kids were freezing we all headed to one of our favorite coffee places, Tim Hortons to warm up. It’s not often all 4 of us and the children can get out together so we were looking forward to it.


When we arrived at this freestanding location we realized that everyone in Town must have had the same idea. It was packed! Everyone piled back into the vehicles and I went into get us take out, we agreed to meet at our friends house to enjoy our time together.

While there I saw that Tim Hortons has a promotion to win a year’s free coffee, how amazing that would be!

P1040286I also saw that they have gift cards which for us is valuable knowledge, Christmas is creeping up on us quickly and we have more than a few people on our lists who are difficult to buy for. Hint: if you have me on your list, this is a GREAT idea!

IMG 14661 Busy places drive me nuts but the staff was friendly and got my CRAZY BIG order correct. I asked about sweeteners, they do not carry Equal sweetener…in fact they only had one choice which has aspartame. Huh Tim Hortons get on board here will you? People like myself who take sweetener would appreciate a choice, mine would be to have Equal, in your delicious coffee.

 Our large variety of bagels, donuts, 4 coffees and 4 hot chocolates wasn’t easy to carry but Hubby and I made it to our friends house and we all thawed out over laughs.

**This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias @EqualCanada #EqualCanada, Equal Canada Facebook but ALL of the opinions are strictly my own.**

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas. You’re not easy.
    And yes, I love that photo of Chelsea too!

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