Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Sunset

It was the last weekend our family would spend at our trailer in Muskoka this year.

We decided to head to the lake to watch the sun set.

Autumn Muskoka

 Our excitement level was high, we scrambled to find the perfect spot before we lost the sun.Autumn Muskoka 3

Autumn Muskoka 2

 Mr. Sun took a while to set, hubby’s look tells it all.Autumn Muskoka 41

The lighting at sunset is beautiful.Autumn Muskoka 5

After many gasps and held breaths, Mr Sun finally set.

Autumn Sunset

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  1. That second picture is really breathtaking.

    I hope you have been well. I was wondering why your posts weren’t updating on my blogroll. I saw today that you had moved. I’m glad I took the time to check.

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