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My family was hit really hard over the Christmas and New Year break with colds, nursing the girls was successful but alas now it is my turn. Of course it is. I’ve been forgetting to blog, this doesn’t surprise me because frankly I forget alot in my life these days. So I’m adding a reminder to my phone and we’ll see how I do.

Resolutions weren’t something I did much…when I was younger I did but I found I just didn’t really keep them.

I did resolve to turn my will to God a while ago and that’s working, it’s becoming more of a habit than a consious thought now. I recently resolved to Respond with Love. This was a resolve which came from a wonderful man in the rooms who adapted the Respond rather than React phrase. I love this man….he has a ton of sobriety, a strong Christian faith and his love for life and others exudes from him.

I did NOT respond with love when our dog decided to chew her bone while it was on top of my husband’s cell phone…..the phone got chewed in the process. Bad Dog Miss Cocoa Bean. She’s bloody lucky she’s cute.


I did however manage to hold it together long enough to survive constant bickering between the children on NYE (eldest daughter’s birthday)…..they are alive  ;) It’s amazing how much a 5 year old girl can pout over the span of 10 hours.

Our past New Year Eve celebrations were usually preplanned and consisted of large parties at our house, mainly because it’s our eldest’s birthday. This year I didn’t plan anything and was feeling a bit down at the lack of invitations and my lack of desire to attend the few events which we had been invited to.
Then on New Years Eve afternoon we were unexpectedly invited to a wonderful party. A family whom we’ve know for quite a few years has a HUGE annual gathering, generally the same families attend each year. When the hostess found out our family was free she immediately contacted us and let me know that she was “excited that we could make it”. I was brought to tears. Here I’d prayed for me to accept and to enjoy our quiet time and God had something else in mind.
The people who attend this amazing party are exactly the folks I enjoy so much. Their faith is strong and alchol wasn’t even noticeable …..hubby said that a few of the guys had drinks but I didn’t see it.
It was like God knew EXACTLY what my little family would enjoy the most and sent it on a platter….duhhh of course He does. I was humbled he provided this opportunity for us. My girls are still raving about their “best New Years Eve ever”
Again I was reminded to trust in the Lord, that He knows all things and will provide exactly what He thinks we require to fufill his purpose.
I’m so glad I’m listening to God these days….He isn’t having to raise His voice quite as often to get my attention, in the past there was a need to use a megaphone directly into my ear!

My verse for the year 2011….Proverbs 3:5-6 from The Message:
Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all.

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  1. How awesome for you! That party sounds like a lot of fun. We skipped this year's gala event at our friend's house, not because of the alcohol but because I wanted a quiet evening with my family. Whatever we want, if we trust, he delivers. I love your doggy, and the snap of your girls! My two youngest Sam (9) and Grace (8) fight constantly on a regular basis. Screaming one minute, happily playing the next. I've gotten used to it but it drives the hubby nuts. Last night I think I saw him quietly praying to God for second shift to start up again at work so he can have some peace and quiet. I struggle with turning the will over. I have to practice this constantly. What an excellent verse from Proverbs. Hope your cold gets better soon :)

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