A Busy Week Ending With BlackBerry Z10 Launch in Toronto & Flo Rida

It has been a very busy week here, one which ended with the BlackBerry Z10 launch party in Toronto.

Monday began with my announcement of the Zerona Canada #RapidInchLoss twitter party, this is something I’ve been working on and am very excited that we have 2 grand prizes worth $2900 available to be won.

The week continued with Mother Nature showing herself as wacky, we had some really warm days which caused all the snow to melt followed by a huge snow story…booooo!

Wednesday morning had me writing a piece that has created a murmur of appreciation, thankfully man people agree with my sentiments of supporting one another which I wrote about in Mommy Bloggers Remember Your Etiquette. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad and there have been a few remarks which were carefully not directed towards me in an obvious manner in public….but they truly proved my point.

On Wednesday night I attend the Black Berry Z10 launch party with Telus Canada in Toronto. It was a launch party to be remembered!

Blackberry Z10 launch
Photo courtesy of My BitsAndBleeps

I was interested to see what BlackBerry was bringing to the table. I am a former BlackBerry lover who reluctantly moved towards other options when I felt BlackBerry’s technology wasn’t keeping up.

My first impressions of the new BlackBerry Z10:

Photo courtesy of Telus

BlackBerry Z10 hits the mark with the look and feel.

The BlackBerry Z10 has come from behind to the level of other popular devices, it’s sleek-looking and quick to respond with the touch screen. The images upon the screen are clear and sharp, there is no hesitation (which I’ve hated in other devices) when I was moving between the apps, browsing and home screen. The Z10 fit perfectly within my hand and I was comfortably able to use it with just one hand.

BlackBerry has increased their Apps

The number and type of apps available for the BlackBerry have officially increased. There are over 70,000 apps available which suit my needs well. Keep in mind that I’m not an app freak, if you are looking for specific apps you may find them missing but there are alternatives available.

The truth about typing on the BlackBerry Z10

For people like my Husband with “thick fingers” typing on a touch screen has been something to be avoided in the past. BlackBerry’s new Z10 may not be the first choice, but in April of this year they’re releasing the Q10 which has a fully functional push keyboard.

For myself the touch keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 is a snap, it responded well and the predictive text function was a handy feature.

Onto the Entertainment at the Launch

While standing in line waiting to check into the event there was an undercurrent of excitement as people realized who the surprise entertainment was. I kept hearing folks whispering about Flo Rider being in da house….and of course I didn’t mention that I hadn’t a clue who this was.

blackberry launch

It wasn’t until this striking beast of a man took the stage and began his first song that it hit me. I LOVE THIS GUY! Flo Rida was amazing, he brought energy to the room that actually had us looking away from our screens and moving to the beat.

Blackberry Flo Rida Partyblackberry z10 Flo Rida

I was very grateful to have attended the BlackBerry Z10 launch with Telus, it was an education and FUN evening filled with laughter, celebrities and friends.

Blackberry Z10 Domiblackberry z10 party












I do look forward to sharing more of my impressions after I have a chance to use the device which is being sent to me next week.

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  1. So jealous and envious and proud of you. Julie you are remarkable! Your blog brings such inspiration and education not just on sobriety but a variety of current topics of interest, I always find entertaining. You guys look like you had fun. I am hoping Blackberry can make a comeback!

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