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Sydney and Kayla

We are dog people, hubby actually brought his beautiful dog Kayla on our first date. Kayla was our boxer, she lived until she was 9 years old and it still ranks as one of the hardest days of our lives when we had to put her down. We were also a foster family for Boxer Rescue Ontario for a few years before our children came along.

We would take in rescued boxers, assess and retrain them. Generally speaking these dogs came with no background so it would include everything from training to behavior with our submissive Kayla, to food preferences. Fostering was very rewarding but the time came when we just couldn’t offer as much of ourselves as the dogs would need.

After Kayla passed on it took us a few years before we were ready for another dog. Kayla had been such a HUGE part of our family we didn’t think we could find another dog who would fit. Well, that wasn’t the case at all….as soon as we saw Miss Cocoa Bean we knew she was the dog for us! She’s wacky, cuddly, loving and hey she made beautiful puppies for us to enjoy! I can promise you that you’ll find amusement at those links I just left!

I am thrilled to have been chosen as a ShesConnected Milk-Bone Blogger! Milk-Bone has been trusted by dog owners for over 100 years and they are giving pets a new delicious, wholesome treat with Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites!

Milk-Bone’s newest treats, Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites, are oven-baked dog treats that have all-natural ingredients with added minerals and without any fillers, animal by-products, artificial colors or preservatives. The Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites list of ingredients is short, no more confusion in understanding what exactly you are giving your pet.

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites come in two different types of treats:

Granola Biscuits in either real Beef or Chicken & Chewy Treats in either real Beef  or Chicken

Healthy_Fav_Bisc_BeefHealthy Fav Bisc ChickenHealthy Fav Chewy Beef

Healthy Fav Chewy Chicken



When the delivery from Milk-Bone came, Miss Cocoa Bean went nuts. Strangely she didn’t stop once the delivery man left, she was sniffing all over the box and once it was finally opened she immediately sat down in a very pretty pose.

The kids took full advantage here, insisting that we just HAD to try all four kinds immediately.

In the end I agreed and frankly it was difficult to decide which she liked best, she seems to love them all!

It’s simply amazing to me how well-behaved a dog can be when she’s motivated by these Milk-Bone treats.

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites are available now at retailers across Canada. For more information you can visit www.milkbone-canada.com or on Twitter and Facebook.

How would you like to win a Prize Pack from Milk-Bone worth $50? It includes an assortment of Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Oven-baked Granola and Oven-baked Chewy Treats for your dog!

Entry is simple, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below, contest is open to residents of Canada. Winner will be announced April 25th and have 48 hrs to respond.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Posted I am participating in the Milk-Bone Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of products and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. Opinions and comments stated on this blog are mine alone.

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  1. that picture is awesome – I remember how hard it was the day my mom put our dogs down…..it’s been 15 yrs and I still miss them. being a foster family to rescue dogs, that is such and amazing thing to do. I won’t enter as we don’t have a dog – but yours are adorable.

  2. Those pictures are both too cute. We’re dog people over here too. Growing up my grandparents bought my first dog shortly after I was born. I had him until I turned 19. It was really hard when we got our dog that we have now, it brought up so many memories, but I can’t see our family without her.

  3. The pictures are too cute Julie! I grew up with many different dogs and they were all brought up on Milk Bones! My first dog would even dance for one. We (hubby and I) got our own dog, Willow, in 2001. She is our first “baby.” It will be a tough day when we lose her.

  4. We always had Milk Bones for our dog when we were kids. I would love to share Milk Bones with our little dog Roxy. We’ve had Roxy for one year and she is the biggest suck. I love her and can’t imagine what we did without her!

  5. My dog’s name is Kratos (KRAY-TOWS) as in the God of War! He is a pitbull-boxer mix and he’s SO hyper. I say he has ADHD for dogs. He loves milk bones and would love to win!

  6. Would love to snag the tasty treats from Milk Bone,
    our dog’s “Mac” favorite snack.He is a male German
    Shepherd that response well when a tempting treat
    is near. Adore, your pics of your special pal.too

  7. Our family adores shih tzu’s and our dog died a month ago but my sister has one, I still cry daily for my little guy though, he was a loyal friend:)

  8. We had to find a home for our husky after our first child was born. He wasn’t getting the attention he needed so we made the tough decision to let him live on a farm. It was devastating. He’s doing great and loving life though. Our kids are 2 & 4 now but I think we’re going to wait a bit longer before exploring the dog route again (even though my wife asks me once a week…). I’m glad you were able to bring new pup into your home and congrats on the Milk Bone deal!

  9. We have a big malamute who a friend of ours rescued from the shelter but didn’t have enough time for him, so we took him! He is a big loveable dog and my boys love to give him treats!

  10. My dog’s name is Bernard. He is an 8 month old St. Bernard. He was such a cute and adorable puppy. He is now a whole lot of dog and very protective of our family. We have tried the granola bones and he loved them.

  11. My dog’s name is Callie and she is 5 years old and is a Japanese Spitz mix. We adopted her from a couple that didn’t have time to look after her anymore and wanted her to have more attention. She is my walking partner and best friend!

  12. I had a beagle for 12 years before he passed away.:( but my mother in law has a bichon ,whom I would be giving this to if I won.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  13. Kobe was our first baby. She came to us at 3 weeks old as an SPCA foster puppy. I never thought she`d make the first night, let alone still be here with us 15 years later! She`s a lab crossed with well, something. Even at her quite advance age, she acts like a puppy and is my best girl ever. She`s spoiled now, as she deserves to be at her age. (and she`s decided that after being good all her life, she`s old enough to be entitled to steal the kid`s treats… naughty girl!)

  14. I am hoping to win for my best friend who has two yorkie poos and a shep cross – all three are complete sweethearts! They all love to cuddle and are very gentle.

  15. We have 2 dogs. A Boston Terrier that keeps us on our toes or else she will eat everything in site and some how stay skinny! We also have a Dachshund who really is the worlds best cuddle bug!

  16. We have 2 wonderful dogs, Patches and Maddie – they are so fun, but sometimes are little devils – like when they escape under the fence – they are snuggly and cuddly and very loving. They are members of our family!

  17. I have 2 small dogs. They are what I call my fur-babies! Scarlett and Ruby are my constant companions due to the fact I’m home with health issues. I love to treat them with new toys and a gift of milkbone would make my day as much as theirs!

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