WIN a Pair of ShesConnected Conference Passes #SCCTO


Recently I’ve been writing about the ShesConnected Conference being held in Toronto on October 19 – 20th, you can see all of my articles about it by following the link here.

I’m very proud to be a Conference Ambassador and the VERY BEST thing about this position is what I’m about to tell you….

scctogroupWe are Giving Away 9 Pairs of Conference Passes to ShesConnected 2012!!!


Yes it’s true, each of the 15 Conference Ambassadors have been granted 2 Full Conference Passes valued at $199 each to giveaway to one very lucky reader!

It’s entirely up to each of us how we go about running our contests and choosing a winner so I’ve teamed up with 8 of my fellow Ambassadors and chosen a very simple Rafflecopter entry method. Please take the time to go to each of my fellow ambassador’s blogs, you won’t be disappointed!

Sheri Seyffert McDonald – Kidsumers

Katie Allen – Little Miss Kate

Deanna Tousignant – Maple Leaf Mommy

Jennifer Martin – Mom vs the Boys

Jeannine – My Bits and Bleeps

Christine Lee-McNaughton – Life on Manitoulin

Kim Logan – Tales of a Ranting Ginger

Stacey Ingalls Martin – This Lil Piglet
Register today if you want to guarantee a spot at this year’s conference or you can  fill out this Rafflecopter form and cross those fingers…..I am so EXCITED!!!!

Each winner will get 2 full conference passes to SCCTO . Shes Connected ’12 Full Conference Pass~ Early Bird $172.35 + $ 26.65 HST)

Ticket includes admission to all conference programming, meals, breaks, sponsor areas, conference parties and expo floor on Friday and Saturday

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Tickets are provided by ShesConnected as part of the Blogger Outreach program. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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22 Responses

  1. I want to win to gain knowledge that will help me build my social brand. Most excited to meet digital women and learn from them.


  2. Would really like to win so I can finally attend and gain access and knowledge to so many of the amazing presenters and fellow bloggers so that I can better build my new blog / and learn how to balance with my other work and writing. I am always wanting to go but have always seemed to miss out on the opportunity.

  3. Hmmm. I would love to learn more about promoting my blog and learn how to build my social influence! I didn’t even know this was happening in my own back yard, thanks for tweeting it!!

  4. I’m looking for more local opportunities to meet other bloggers (especially women) and learn concrete strategies for improving my own site. It’s exciting that these networks of people will be right downtown instead of stuck in my Twitter feed!

  5. I have never been to a blogging conference, even though I’ve been blogging for years. I think I’m nervous to take the leap because I don’t know anyone else at these conferences and I hate the idea of heading into the unknown without a friend by my side… That being said, my blog has been growing leaps and bounds and I think that this would be a great opportunity to see where I can really take my blog!

  6. I think it would be a great opportunity for knowledge into the social media world and get inspiration from all my fellow bloggers who I admire from there stories, tips and life experiences.

  7. I want to attend this years conference because last years ROCKED and the changes being made to this years conference have me really excited to go. The tracks they have lined up for Friday look great and I can’t wait to dive in and glean as much information as possible.

  8. Wow, what an opportunity to meet other bloggers and to learn lots of new tips and tricks! I’m most excited about the workshops they offer there are so many I can’t even pick my favourite!

  9. Last year I kinda heard a bit about the conference and what it was about. Over the year I have heard awesome things and all that I can learn. I would love to attend to meet some of the great bloggers that have influenced me and to do a lot of hands on learning!

  10. I would love to go! I am currently signed up for Blissdom the same weekend, and booked my flights to be able to hit this one, but have not purchased yet. I soo sooo soo hope I win.

  11. I want to win a pass to the conference because last year when I attended I was very new to the blogging community. I was green around the edges and had no idea what I should be asking about. I want the opportunity to talk to more brands and more bloggers. I was a very nervous about participating last year. One on one I was fine but in a group I believed as a newbie I didn’t have a lot to contribute.

    The second reason I want to win is the wonderful individual people I did meet last year and get to know quite well. I’d like to see them again and enjoy a few more laughs. There were great spontaneous moments of laugher and tears that you simply can’t duplicate and I want to connect and establish a greater bond with these people and create fresh bonds with those I didn’t get a chance too!

  12. I want to win so that I can leave BC for the first time lol!!! Also I really loved the conferences here in B.C. sadly there just isn’t enough of them lol!!

  13. This conference could be very helpful with me focusing my time and energy to my blog. I’ve been in “planning mode” for 2 years and that is ridiculous! Interested in the Content Strategy for your Blog track.

  14. I attended last year’s conference and was overwhelmed. It was my first major conference and I was frames out. Too many people talking about too many things I didn’t understand. This year I’ve made my foray into the blogging world and I want to go to the conference and find out WHY bloggers choose to work with brands and WHAT, if any, mark I can leave in the blogging universe and how certain brands may help me do so.

  15. I launched my own business in January 2012 and feel that attending Shes Connected would be an excellent opportunity for me to further network myself. Not only that, but taking a look at the website it looks like A LOT of fun!

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