Gorgeous Hair – Yes I Have a Beautiful Wig!

While Bald IS Beautiful it’s a mite chilly my friends! Honestly I hadn’t realized how much insulation hair had provided me with for so many years until it was gone. My husband doesn’t find this amusing at all as I lament constantly about it, with a hat upon my head and a hoodie over it…..yes I’m still cold and apparently have an inner need to share ALL of my emotions with him.

Being bald for me is a temporary situation, I made the choice to experience this but so many other people aren’t given a choice. For a variety of reasons many people find themselves with little or no hair when they’d rather have a full head of hair.

Growing up I had a friend with Alopecia, she was a beautiful girl who always felt “less than” somehow because of her lack of hair…..it broke my heart at the time and I can remember how happy we all were when she was able to secure a wig as a teenager.The change in my friend was dramatic, her self-confidence rose and she just felt more secure in general…..it wasn’t that she didn’t love herself to begin with (she was pretty darned amazing in this regard) but the first time I walked in public with my bald head bared I got a taste of what she had lived through daily.

People stare when a woman is bald.

They probably don’t mean to, it catches your eye….heck, I still startle myself when I catch my reflection in mirrors and doors. Having a wig which you love allows you to feel less noticeable which for some folks is a blessing.

As I was planning my head shaving I took the opportunity to contact Gorgeous Hair which is an online wig store based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. After telling them about my fundraising efforts they agreed to send me a wig to try out. I specifically chose Gorgeous Hair because they offer a wide selection of hair products; from synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, to extensions they have it all. It can become quite confusing when you’re researching these types of products if you’ve never had experience but the fine folks at Gorgeous Hair made it simple for me. They are happy to answer any question, lend advice and support even after your purchase is shipped.

I chose the Spotlight Wig Lace Front-Heat Friendly Raquel Welchin a lighter blonde color. This wig has a Sheer Indulgence Lace front which makes for a more natural look at the hairline and the Tru2LifeTM heat friendly synthetic fiber allows me to style it using thermal tools on medium settings up to 180C or 350F.

Wigwig2I chose this wig to try something different, I have always secretly wanted long hair but with all of the coloring my hair wasn’t healthy enough to grow out. This wig has loads of long layers that fall to mid-back and the side swept bangs which I like. Inside the wig there is a small velcro tab which I had to adjust to fit my oversized noggin (big brains as my Mummy tells me).

I am dead impressed with both the wig and the company. Gorgeous Hair is a classy organization who treat their customers like gold, available to answer questions and have a deep understanding of their product lines and popular preferences of customers.

The wig itself is wonderful, I feel so glamorous in it. Can’t you picture me covered in pink satin with a diamond tiara?? Ok that’s pushing it but it really looks natural and feels wonderful to the touch. It will take getting used to the feeling of it upon my head but I think that’s a learning curve with any wig.

I am still trying out styles and will be sharing more photos as times goes on….but for now here I am!

Gorgeous Hair WigFor anyone who is looking for a wig, whether it’s simply to try a new style or because your own hair needs some “help” I highly recommend Gorgeous Hair.

You can find Gorgeous Hair on Facebook or Twitter, go ahead and interact with them….they really do care!


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  1. Im so glad that you’ve done this, are raising awareness, are talking about it, and your experience with it. I love that the company sent you a wig to try out, and it looks lovely on you :)

  2. The wig itself is wonderful, I feel so glamorous in it. Can’t you picture me covered in pink satin with a diamond tiara?? Ok that’s pushing it but it really looks natural and feels wonderful to the touch.

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