One Event Has It All – ShesConnected Conference Is The One Stop Shop #SCCTO

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with people who are new to blogging or interested in blogging. This is a treat for me, it seems for a while I was cocooned in my little world just doing life with others who already share the knowledge I have gained.

As a person newer to blogging these fine folks have many questions, just as I did a few years ago. What’s the best way to attract an audience, what is SEO, how does one begin to work with brands…..the list is huge and for many of us it seems daunting.

The fact is the information is available online somewhere, Google can bring up countless articles but few are Canadian based and when they are…well I had to ask myself who these folks are…is their opinion a fact, proven by solid metrics?

If you’re like me when I was starting out this was overwhelming, I didn’t have the time or energy to research every question or the person whose response I read. Personally I sat back and watched for over a year, I found the key players in my niche (which was mainly US based) and admired them and their efforts while taking note. I could have saved myself time by attending a conference where the information is available all in one place.

ShesConnected2012Last Fall I attended my first blogger conference, the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto. I didn’t have many “friends” attending but I was fortunate to have one very special friend @Shasherslife who understood the challenges I face (because of my cognitive disabilities) in new situations and helped me prepare.

As I’ve noted on past blog posts I’m a ShesConnected Conference ambassador this year and want to make sure that everyone understands who should attend and why.

First of all ShesConnected is an established, well respected organization. they’ve created a network of over 50, 000 women both in the US and Canada who are are mothers, wives, business owners, employees, grandmothers, daughters, friends and members of the online community.

The conference itself is attractive to many different women (and men) in varying roles. If you’re a digitally connected woman or brand it’s the one event where you’re given the opportunity to connect with 400+ other bloggers and brands. If that’s not enough there are sessions packed with information to assist you in developing your mark on social media.

This conference helps attendees develop or amplify their voices, in the world we live social media has taken the place of the over-the-fence feedback and wise brands know it!

bobbleheadTop 3 Reasons To Attend ShesConnected

  • Gain Knowledge: Bloggers, Brands, Agencies, Mompreneurs and more will find sessions which suit their needs. From the rudimentary basics of social media to advanced SEO sessions we can all benefit.
  • Make Connections: With over 400+ attendees the networking possibilities are endless….and priceless!
  • Open Your Mind: By attending you’ll be exposed to other socially connected attendees from different venues. You’ll have the chance to get one-on-one with folks who you may not in everyday life. This has helped me realize my potential and what’s new in the social media game.

The ShesConnected Conference is the one stop shop for anyone who is involved in social media, from celebrity speakers to fabulous parties you’ll be gaining knowledge which will make your brand stronger than ever.

The fact that you’ll get to meet me in person comes into play as well… can I schedule you in for a hug October 19th?

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