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I grew up in a small town, approximately 40 minutes North of Toronto, Ontario and happen to call it home today. Our town has grown but we are still surrounded by lush farmland and have a rich history of family-owned farms. I have lived elsewhere of course, I did what any good small-town girl does and escaped to the big city and even other countries in my twenties.

We have lived here for over 11 years now and the cultural difference between city life and what we have here are obvious to anyone who spends time here. Being surrounded by farms means that we have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and more. Each weekend we head to the farmers market or local farms and purchase our produce. My children have had the opportunity to place hands on the animals and learn about farming life; at one point or another both of them have excitedly declared that they want to be a farmer when they grow up!

I’ve had the pleasure of being a Burnbrae Farms ambassador for quite some time now which has allowed me to get to know many of their products and share some fantastic recipes. Some of my most visited article have been my Burnbrae Farms recipes. Being connected to Burnbrae Farms is an honour, this is a family owned and operated farm which is over 60 years old. Steeped in rich history and the family’s blood, sweat and tears the Burnbrae Farms brand just screams quality.

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Next week is a BIG one for me, I have been invited to head to the village of Lyn which is just outside of Brockville, Ontario to have an in-dept tour of one of Burnbrae Farms egg farms. Visiting one of the main locations of this rich history is exciting, I’ll be taking plenty of photos and making notes to share with you all. This will actually be my very first time on an egg farm so I realize I don’t have a full grasp on what to expect but I’m sure the sights, experiences and SMELLS will all be vivid.

From the Farm to the Table

If you’re anything like myself, you have had times where you just don’t consider how the food on our table gets there. We are often so busy in our lives that we overlook this, unless you live on a farm or within a farming community that is. The fact is that we owe it to ourselves and those we are feeding to pause and think of where our foods come from.



Burnbrae Farms has grown from a single-family run farm into  thriving agribusiness with farms across the country. Throughout this, Burnbrae has continued to aspire to achieve the highest standards in environmental protection, work place safety and animal welfare.

Our success is dependent upon the good care and attention which we provide to our hens. Burnbrae Farms is committed to treating all of our hens in a safe and humane manner. We learned very early that a healthy hen is a high-quality producing hen. This is not only good business for us at Burnbrae Farms, but a moral commitment.

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Follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #BBFFarmTour to see what 12 Canadian bloggers experience as they get behind the scenes at Burnbrae Farms. We are learning about farming life, eggs, recipes and more!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Burnbrae Farms Blogger Farm Tour program as a guest of Burnbrae Farms. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. How cool! I really love hearing of companies that WANT people to tour their facilities – you too often hear of places that end of having horrid conditions inside – so it really instills a feeling of confidence when companies open their door to allow you to see how they operate!

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