Wrestlemania 28 Was a Blast! Proud to be a #WWEMoms

This past Sunday I did something I rarely do, I let the kids stay up late AND we had my niece sleep over on a school night!

GASP…yes it’s true, I bent the rules because it was a special day in our house…..it was Wrestlemania #28!!!!!

To some of you that may seem strange, perhaps you missed my article last week where I let you all in on my secret love of the WWE? Go ahead, go over and have a look, I’ll wait.

Source: WWE

As I said in that article I’ve watched WWE since I was a girl, in fact I used to play the WWE action figures with two guys who are now WWE Superstars. That’s very strange in itself, somewhat surreal to see people you knew become super-famous. Christian and The Edge have worked so hard for their success, each of them have given back to their communities and their fans. I’m proud to have grown up in their hometown and known them.

A special congrats to Adam aka The Edge for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 3rd.

Sunday night arrived and the excitement here in our home was palpable, the squeals of 3 little girls were painful at times but their smiles outweighed the discomfort.

Match 1 arrived, Sheamus vs Daniel Brown was first on the card. The girls were bouncing on couches as I tweeted at the #WWEMoms Twitter Party. In came Sheamus and the girls were clapping, they didn’t really have a preference for this match so they were encouraging….mentioning how “disgusting” it was that he was wearing “panties” and he should get some basketball shorts next time.

Source: WWE

Daniel Brown made his entrance followed by an attractive woman whom he took the time to give a lingering kiss farewell over the ropes. The little ladies in our house were going nuts voicing their displeasure with comments such as “GROSS!!!”   being yelled at the screen. Interested to see what was offending them I looked up at the TV screen just in time to hear the bell ring, Sheamus approach Daniel Brown rapidly and deliver the knock-out punch.

Well there goes the first match, 18 seconds and Sheamus had won the World Heavyweight Championship!

As Daniel Brown’s body hit the mat, my husband may have been heard to mutter “Get a room…”

Sunday night Wrestlemania 28 was a fabulous event for our family, we loved rallying around our favorite stars, the banter in the room was classic! My husband pitting my daughters against me and screams as our chosen star won or lost.

As a Mom, I truly appreciate the WWE’s family friendly entertainment!

WWE is strictly entertainment and our storylines are centered around good vs. evil, where conflicts are resolved in the ring. This is not how WWE talent, nor WWE as a company, deal with differences in real life. One should deal with differences by showing tolerance and respect. WWE is committed to sharing an anti-bullying message to show our fans how to resolve conflicts in the real world.”

Have you heard of WWE’s Be A Star anti-bullying campaign?

“The mission of be a STAR is to ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness. be a STAR promotes positive methods of social interaction and encourage people to treat others as equals and with respect because everyone is a star in their own right.”

This is a campaign which I can support 100%, WWE’s superstars visit schools and speak out against bullying. Children are easily influenced, by having their role models speak openly about positive issues they’re making a difference!

Head on over the WWE’s main page to catch up on fab videos, photos and info on past events and to see what’s coming in the near future!!

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  1. Hubby ordered wrestlemania! Oh my gosh! Seriously that man is crazy lol. Saw a little of the cage match and seriously, those guys are crazier lol

  2. My sister and her sons are totally into WWE too. Personally I just don’t see the attraction but I totally get why they have some hardcore fans.

    And anit-bullying? Well that’s just great! So now I am a fan! :)

  3. My husband had a Wrestlemania party on Sunday, with a bunch of friends over. It must have been good because I kept hearing roars of YAY and OH and WHAT! LOL

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