I am writing this blog post mainly to remind me to research this. Also to share with anyone who may have been diagnosed with PTSD, check out this link to a great blog Health In Recovery.

I’m going to try and research this and will be talking to my therapist about it. Me thinks that 6 months of EDMR therapy isn’t helping.

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  2. thank you!! i've been diagnosed with PTSD, although they have a more specific type of trauma therapy that's an offshoot of PTSD as well and i've been researching that lately, which is both scary and awesome. keep us posted on your research!! it's definitely inspiring me to face my fears :)

  3. My husband has PTSD from his recent military deployment, I will definitely check out this link. We have both learned that it is a long road to recovery. The things we wish were better still aren't, even after 3 1/2 years. It's so much hard work and patience.

  4. Well for now my research is on hold, I'm seeing my GP soon, she's referring me to a new therapist so as I begin this journey anew I am planning on sharing this info with the New Doc.

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