In your face Treadmill!!!
Hell yeah I walked at a quick pace for 20 minutes today on you.
You may remember me beating the snot out of you a year ago running at a quick pace for 5k but I DON’T CARE.
Today I walked on you for 20 minutes, got dizzy at 6 minutes but merely gripped the hand supports and breathed carefully. Yes I was in pain…my back in spasm and neck aching at 11 minutes but I just turned on the fan and listened to my footsteps in rhythm with my breathing. I didn’t think I could continue at 18 minutes yet I continued, oh yes I did.
20 minutes my painful friend, boooyacka!
Determination, desire and willingness… applies to all challenges.
Until tomorrow my nemesis you may rest for I will be back to gain the victory yet again!!

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