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Isn’t it time to focus upon yourself for a bit? Are you stuck in a rut, keeping up with life around you but never actually taking a snippet of time for yourself? Well I know I’ve had times like this in my life! Shoppers Drug Mart recently contacted me to let me know about their 30 Days of Beauty campaign which is just what I need right about now!

Shoppers Drug Mart 30 Days of Beauty

 30 Days of Beauty with Shoppers Drug Mart

30 Days of Beauty is in its 3rd year, this is Shoppers Drug Mart’s largest beauty event of the year and is a fantastic opportunity for anyone like myself who doesn’t have much time or bother when it comes to themselves and their “look”.

Seriously, you don’t think this smashing look I’m sporting comes from my own imagination do you? Pfft this is all down to an amazing hairdresser and some cosmeticians who have a clue.

5 Minute Makeovers at Shoppers Drug Mart

As a busy woman in the 2000’s I don’t have time to spend in a makeup chair (oh how I wish I did), which is why I’m excited that Shoppers Drug Mart are offering 5 Minute Makeovers in-store where you can have a cosmetician try out different looks.

I’ve always wanted to take the time to try different looks and watch my FB, Twitter or Instagram feed because during the 30 Days of Beauty with Shoppers Drug Mart I’ll finally be doing it.

There are 30 distinct “looks” which the pros at Shoppers Drug Mart have come up with. Each of these are for a different occasion or style. There are makeover how-to-videos, in-store demonstrations and more to help me achieve the look I choose. Some of the looks I’m digging are the Beach Day, Black Tie Event and the Trip of a Lifetime.

I think the "Art Gallery Opening" Look would be awesome with my white hair
I think the “Art Gallery Opening” Look would be awesome with my white hair

In-Store Excitement

We are frequent shoppers so heading to Shoppers Drug Mart isn’t an issue, but for those who aren’t normally in the store…well this is one time when you’ll want to make the effort. With the 30 Days of Beauty campaign there are fantastic 1 day offers, as well as month-long offers available within the stores.

Over 50 brands are participating, including: Lancomb, Biotherm, Lise Waiter, Clinique, Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Revlon, Quo and Gosh.

30 days of beauty products

If you plan your visit well you will receive a free gift with purchase (Cosmetic Pouch with over 25 beauty and fragrance samples) between August 24th – 30th Care, or Fragrance.

Take Time for YOU

Why not take a bit of time for yourself, Shoppers Drug Mart makes is simple. They have a plethora of quality beauty products/lines all in one location and with a 5 minute makeover you will have the confidence to choose. Head over the the 30 Days of Beauty website ahead of time to check out the how-to videos and get coupons to use in-store!!

While you’re on the 30 Days of Beauty site, be sure to look for the “Submit Your Look” contest, you can enter to win 1 million Shoppers Optimum Points!!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through my ad network, SheBlogs Media, for Shoppers Drug Mart. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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